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31 Days of Laura – Part 4 – being passionate.

I’m one of those people who seem to get quite passionate about something and quickly. I am very passionate when it comes to my family. I come from a large family and we’re all very close. We may not see each other often but we can very quickly pick up where we left off.

May not come as a shock but I’m not very good at making friends but my friendships have lasted a good couple of decades. I met my best friend when we were 12. We needed to change lockers at school and now I make sure I see her at least one a month and we’re planning on going on a weekend away to London again to do all the things we missed out on last time and do the WB Harry Potter Studio again.

I am quite passionate about Harry Potter. As I have mentioned before I started reading these books aged 9 as they were a gift off my Nanna and they’ve been with me ever since. Also lets face it if I wasn’t passionate about Harry Potter I wouldn’t have made this post.

I have a friend and we could easily get into heated discussions about certain characters but now we just stop each other because then we’ll go completely off on a tangent and not have any clue about what we were talking about before this.

One of my first loves and I still love it now was Disney. I love it to a point where my parents think I have brainwashed my kids. Personally I blame them for brainwashing me. I used to get up every Saturday morning and watch the Disney Club with my dad and they took me to Disney World when I was 23 months old. So can I really be blamed for brainwashing my kids?

I would also say that I am an incredibly fussy eater and bit on the large side but if someone tells me they haven’t eaten in a while then I will do my best to convince them that they need to eat. After all food is fuel. I don’t understand the people who don’t have time to eat or forget to eat. My days at the moment are probably set around my meal times, especially at work. I’ll say I’ll do this job and this job before my dinner but when I come back I’ll do this and this. I have to eat otherwise my stomach acid plays up and it’s not a nice feeling. I can either lose my voice for up to 20 weeks (20 being the record) or I can be in the bathroom all day (not a pretty sight).

There are a number of things I can say I’m passionate about but none of them will be at the same level as these.  One thing I could say is that I’m quite good at winning the trivia quizzes at work but I wouldn’t call that passion I’d say that’s the competitiveness that I get from my parents.

Is there anything you are passionate about? What makes you passionate about it?

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