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A Cursed Reign – Book Review

Book Title: A Cursed Reign (Whims of Fae #5)
Author: Nissa Leder
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult
Publication date: September 2018

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Why I chose this?

I think I’m in too deep now and I want to know how it finishes

What it’s about

A Cursed Reign (Whims of Fae, #5)

The fate of the Otherworld is in her hands.

After rescuing Raith from the Darkland, Scarlett must deal with the aftermath of the ritual Ankou performed. Visions plague her as the darkness inside her grows. When Kaelem learns of a weapon that can kill Ankou, he and Scarlett must go on a quest to the mortal realm to find the man with the answers they seek. 

With Ankou free to leave the Darkland, time isn’t on Scarlett’s side. Because the weapon she searches for can not only kill him, but can kill her as well. 

What I Thought

I’m not sure what to think about this at the moment. This one only took about 90 minutes to read it. Like the other books, it was a super easy read and I know I’m sounding monotonous but it’s true. The storyline isn’t too complex and the characters are easily distinguishable.

So as it’s the penultimate there are a couple of exciting bits including the King of the Unseelie court going into the Mortal world. Not just anywhere in the mortal world though, it had to be a very famous City which is so good they named it twice. There is also the battle at the end which had a bit of an unexpected twist to it.

I thought that it was good that we got to see a more grown-up version of Kaelem in this book because of an introduction of his childhood friend who spends his time in the mortal world and explains that the Fae are moving on as they don’t want to be ruled by Royalty anymore.

On the downside, some parts dragged quite a bit and I still don’t get Cade’s mam in all of this. I get that she’s evil but why exactly. I get that she did what she did to become queen but now what.

So one more book left to go and it’s called Queen of Dark and Light and I’m so close to the finish now that I need to know what’s going to happen and want to know how Scarlett and co pull through everything.

Star Rating

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