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A Dark Eternity – Book Review

Book Title: A Dark Eternity (Whims of Fae #4)
Author: Nissa Leder
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult
Publication date: May 2018

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But what was life without a little risk

Why I chose this?

So I’ve carried it on as I want to see if this carries on the parallel from the ACOTAR series.

What it’s about

A Dark Eternity (Whims of Fae, #4)

Now ruler of the Sidhe, Scarlett must learn how to be the queen her people need.

Since absorbing the power of The Life Tree, everything has changed. Scarlett is queen of a realm, until a few weeks ago, she didn’t even know existed and has more magic than she ever thought possible. But she worries it still isn’t enough to protect those she cares about or to find a way to bring Raith, who had sacrificed himself to save his mother, back.

With a looming war against a new enemy no one knows much about, Scarlett and Kaelem must find as many allies as they can. When a magical book teaches Scarlett dark magic, she must decide how much of herself she will risk becoming the leader everyone needs her to be. 

A Dark Eternity (Whims of Fae, #4)

What I Thought

In my last review maybe I spoke a little too soon as the Winter Queen is very much like Amarantha, the fates daddy basically the King of Darkness is King of Hybern, Sage is Morrigan and Scarlett now has tattoos up both of her arms.

Star Rating

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