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So I saw this when I was blog hopping a little bit ago and I can’t remember who it was I found it from (I’m really sorry, I have a terrible memory). I thought this might be a good way for some people to get to know me.

What’s your middle name?

My middle name is Ann, it’s my mothers name and as the eldest child I got it 🙂

When was the last time you cried?

In all honesty it was probably a couple of days ago when I was feeling completely overwhelmed and the kids were being a pain in the proverbial.

What’s your favourite Pizza?

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s my favourite but my go to pizza is pepperoni. Unless we’re going to a specific restaurant then I choose the Bochetto which is cheese and tomato topped with bologna.

What’s your favourite flower?

This is my favourite flower. The Hibiscus. I actually wanted this in my bridal bouquet as I got married in Florida but the wedding planner wouldn’t allow it so I had to have red and white roses.

Probably wouldn’t have been much of an issue but I don’t like roses. I think that they’re overused, even if they do supposedly represent love.

What’s your favourite season?

summer GIF

Like Olaf my favourite time of the year is Summer. It’s my most favourite day of the year. I say day as I live in Northen England.

Do you like to camp?

No I do not. I can’t even bring myself to glamping.

Do you untie your shoes when taking them off?

Depends on the shoe really. If it’s my trainers then never.

Do you like roller coasters?

Image result for the hulk roller coaster

Yes, my favourite one is this, however I still feel guilty for going on it while pregnant even though I wasn’t aware of it.

What’s your favourite ice cream?

English Lakes Thunder and Lightning.

Image result for english lakes thunder and lightning ice cream

What’s your favourite thing to do?

george costanza nothing GIF

As a person with loads of stuff to do on my to do list the best thing for me is having a clear list and doing absolutely nothing.

Shorts or Jeans?

Jeans. Since I was a teenager my mam has not been able to get me out of them. Before that I would wear tracksuit bottoms all the time so that I could play football (soccer).

Country or rock?

bowling for soup love GIF
punk rock po114 GIF by paidoff

Since Bowling for Soup is one of my most favourite bands ever and I’ve manager to have my kids really like AC/DC i’m going to go with Rock 🤘

What is your favourite colour?

Manchester United Red if you want specifics

Do you have any tattoos?

No, however I do want one and I was hoping for a Beauty and the Beast one but not Tale as old as time.

Image result for i want adventure in the great wide somewhere gif

Do you colour your hair?

Yes and frequently. There used to be a time where I would try out the different colours for my auntie. I think the only colour I haven’t been is green.

What colour are your eyes?

Right eye is a dark Brown with a blue wedge at the top between 11 and 1 on a clock. The left eye is weird as it never seems to stay one colour sometimes its a really light blue and others it’s green

Image may contain: Laura Turner, smiling, close-up

What is your favourite thing to eat?

My mams corned beef hash and Lasagne.

What is your favourite holiday?


Beer or wine?

Beer, wine has always tasted a bit weird to me.

Night owl or morning person?

If they’re the options then I gotta go with Night Owl but I’m more like the meme I’ve seen, the permanently exhausted pigeon.

What is your favourite day of the week?

happy monday GIF by CBBC

This might seem a weird choice for some people however for me its my one guaranteed day off from work where I can do what I want.

Do you have a nickname?

I do, for several years I was known as the Hulk at work because I have a little bit of a temper and I couldn’t deal with idiots. I have also been known as Laz in school which got extended to Lazgo once I met my husband. My favourite nickname though has to be Mammy.

Three people who will do this:

I don’t know who will do this but if you want to then feel free.

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  1. Hey there, it’s the girl from the Epic Reads Facebook group who asked to see your blog. 🙂 This is such a fun tag! I snickered out loud at your answer to “What’s your favorite season?” And OMG that ice cream looks delicious! I’m craving a scoop now, which isn’t good since it’s almost dinner time now. If you do end up getting a “Beauty and the Beast” tattoo, I’d love to see it! It’s hands down my favorite Disney movie.

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