I’m Laura. I’m 29 and I live just outside of the Lake District.

I have started this blog on my husbands recommendation as I am often giving my friend’s book recommendations and 9 times out of 10 they will end up reading them. So if you like reading (at the moment my focus is on Young Adults Fiction) then hopefully I can give you a guide. These opinions are my own. In addition if you have any recommendations then I’m all ears.

As you may be able to gather I am quite an avid reader and I have been known to read an entire book at work while waiting for a phone call to come through to me. However, now that I’m a travel agent it’s not something I can do, so I now have to read on my dinner hour or when I get home.

What you may be able to tell about me after a few posts here and there is I am a HUGE fan of Disney and the MCU. My favourite Princess is Ariel and I’m a sucker for the Winter Solider (No he is not a villain, he’s very much a victim). I will happily talk Disney and Marvel whenever the occasion calls, and being travel agent Disney is starting to crop up a lot.

My love of reading started with my Nanna, she always had a book next to her and although I had read a few books by the time I was nine she bought me the Harry Potter Series which I’ve been in love with since (I’m a Ravenclaw in case you were wondering).

I love, love, love watching Game of Thrones (you know nothing Jon Snow), Riverdale, the Last Leg and anything by Fluffy. I’m not into reality TV. My Favourite children’s authors and JK Rowling and Hans Christian Anderson. As an Adult I have read a lot of Nora Roberts but I haven’t read any of hers in a while but I have three on my TBR list and at the moment I am really liking Marissa Meyer.

My favourite band is Bowling for Soup which I’m lucky to have seen three times and I have VIP tickets to see Jaret in September and I can’t wait. Do I have any hobbies? Not really I used to kickboxing until my new job didn’t allow me to go anymore due to the shifts I work but I am trying to find something else outside of my Facebook groups.

I’m also an INTP which is something that might not surprise anyone in the long run.

Well that’s me in a nutshell and I hope you stick around