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And The Stars Were Burning Brightly

Book Title: And The Stars Were Burning Brightly
Author: Danielle Jawando
Genre: Contemporary
Target Audience: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publication date: March 9th 2020
Format: Kindle

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Why I chose this?

I was accepted for an ARC by Netgalley. So glad I finally remembered my user name and password.

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What it’s about

And The Stars Were Burning Brightly (And The Stars Were Burning Brightly, #1)When fifteen-year-old Nathan discovers that his older brother Al, has taken his own life, his whole world is torn apart.

Al was special.

Al was talented.

Al had so many dreams … so why did he do it?

Convinced that his brother was in trouble, Nathan decides to retrace Al’s footsteps. As he does, he meets Megan, Al’s former classmate, who is as determined as Nathan to keep Al’s memory alive.

Together they start seeking answers, but will either of them be able to handle the truth about Al’s death when they eventually discover what happened?

An extraordinary novel about loss, understanding and the importance of speaking up when all you want to do is shut down, from an incredible new talent, perfect for fans of Angie Thomas, Gayle Foreman, Jennifer Niven and Nikesh Shukla.


Warning – this novel contains themes that some readers may find upsetting, including suicide and intense bullying.

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First Impressions

First off the cover is gorgeous. I love the orange and purple. Secondly I have a feeling that this book would be deeper than I originally anticipated.  The day I started reading this was 15 years almost to the day when I lost my friend to suicide as it still stays with me. His was the first funeral I went to. I still can’t listen to American Pie without tearing up.

In addition, I’d just like to say to Danielle, I am so sorry you had to go through that and I am glad to see you had the strength to carry on and pursue your dreams.

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What I Thought

Thank you very much for this wonderful read NetGalley.

This is a story about love, loss, family and friends. I loved that it was set in Manchester and I already knew of many of the places mentioned. Although I’ve never been keen on writing a dialect with an accent.

I love that each chapter starts with a note from Al to either Nate or Megan with links into what happens in the chapter.

I was sad to hear that this was based on what the author has to go through during her time at school and although I was never bullied to that extent it certainly brought some feelings back. It’s also made me think of my friend’s suicide in a different way and that’s a good thing.

I would certainly recommend this book not just to YA readers but I think a lot of school-aged children as it shows that all actions have consequences.

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Star Rating

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