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August and September Wrap up

This month has been a bit of a weird month from being run down with an infection at the beginning of the month, finding out I still have it on the 27th of this month to receiving some devastating news at the end of the month, and although it’s devastating its also a bit like a blessing in disguise.

So the last couple of months have been a bit up and down and I may not have posted anywhere near as much as I wanted but

So as it’s nearly October I thought I’d roll my August and September reads into one. There isn’t many but sometimes life just gets in the way.


So in August, I read

A Magical Tale with Geek Appeal

I am going to be completely honest with this. I really didn’t enjoy this at all. Considering this book supposedly has “geek appeal” I DNF’d it less than 40% in. Just because people class themselves as geeks does not mean that we are all incapable of finding love or companionship. I am a self-confessed geek, I’m married, I have two children and I have more than three friends. So I have had to give¬†A Magical Tale with Geek Appeal


Shadow and Bone

I understand why my friend recommend I read these books. This was a really interesting start to the series. I really still don’t the appeal of The Darkling but I certainly don’t see the appeal of Mal either. Alina is more than capable of looking after herself without these two people fighting for her affections. That being said it did make it a bit more interested especially with the pull of The Darkling. I have given¬†Shadow and Bone


A Date for Hannah

If I had to choose only one word to describe this book that word would be sweet. Hannah is an insecure teen who feels ugly and fat in comparison to her sister is at her sisters’ wedding where she meets Liam. Liam was invited to make Hannah feel less lonely but things don’t go to plan (always seems to be the way). The ending was incredibly sweet that it could have probably given some people a toothache but the writing style was great and it was an easy read. I gave¬†A Date for Hannah


The Gathering

This was unlike any dystopian I have read before. It was full of sex, drugs and Rock and Roll and an orange Emporer who wants everything his way that also changed everything about his wife who is a Puerto-Rican-from-the-Bronx (it says it like that in the book). This was interesting and I’m curious to see how this pans out. You can read my full review here¬†and I gave it


The Mermaid

Again I’m going, to be honest, and I thought I’d be getting a bit more about being an actual Mermaid rather than the majority being about her time in Barnum’s Museum. Although, I do think this was very good timing with the popularity of The Greatest Showman. I gave¬†The Mermaid



In September I had a pretty poor reading month but I was feeling sorry for myself since it appeared that my surgery didn’t work and I read

Siege and Storm

I got a little bored with this book. It didn’t have the same fast pace as it’s predecessor. I felt like I was reading more out of obligation than anything as I didn’t really start to enjoy it until the last few chapters.¬†Siege and Storm¬†got


Ruin and Rising

This was a better book than Siege and Storm and the action and adventure carried on all the way throughout the book and had its little surprises on the way. Like the thing with Nikolai and also Mal. Ruin and Rising receives


Shatter Me

This book was such an easy read once I got passed the use of the constant strikeout of words. I really like that the main character is like Rogue from X-men and the head of The Castle has some sort of telekinesis. Kinda hoping it’s not too similar to X-men as that’s already been done. My review of¬†Shatter Me¬†give this book



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