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August wrap up

In August I read a total of 17 books which has actually come as a massive surprise as I didn’t think I’d read that many especially with the kids being off school.

Nightworld academy is one that I had preordered and forgot about but I did enjoy it. Its definitely getting somewhere now and the characters are growing on me.

The lure of Obsession was an enjoyable read especially as it’s about Greek goddesses and their guardians. I got this from Rachel’s Random Resources to review for its book birthday and I ended up paying for the next book in the series after we get to read a snippet at the end of the book.

The Marriage Pact was a bit meh. It seemed very surreal.

Southern Charmer was an unexpected like. I thought it sounded good but was better than expected and now I kinda want to visit a town in South Carolina because she made it sound not only beautiful but very hospitable.

Royal Ruin wasn’t like the other Royal books I have read in the past. In this book, both sides are well aware that he is the next in line to the throne. I was a bit of a roller-coaster ride in this book but it wasn’t half bad.

The Jewel was a book that I was expecting more from in all honesty. The idea behind it was great but the execution for me missed the mark a little bit. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it but my expectations were a little high.

The Help is about a girl and her single mother travelling across the country to work for some rich guy, his wife and snob of a son. The characters seem very stereotypical but it had a twist which was a shocker. Still unsure whether I’d read the next book as wasn’t aware that it was a reverse harem.

The Sirens alpha was a short and sweet book which when I started reading it I was picturing Hotel Transylvania

Was a very quick read I think it took less than an hour but sweet is probably the best way to describe it.

Omega Academy was a strange read but I had to keep reading it to see how it panned out. I’m not a spacey person (unless I’m watching Firefly), however as I’m not into space things and Aliens it wasn’t one for me.

The Dragon Marked series I really enjoyed I got it as it was recommended for me on Kindle Unlimited. Jessa and Micha were great characters for being complete polar opposites. In addition, as this had wolf shifters, dragons, vampire, mages and Faes there wasnt much chance of me not liking it.

An Extra Shot is a sequel to Another Shot and I needed to see what happened after the cliffhanger from book one. It’s nice to read a book on an older couple for a change.

Something I’m The Heir was the only book in August that I didn’t enjoy. The characters were unbelievable, the plot didn’t seem to go anywhere and I stopped reading when the main character pretended that the Prince was gay.

Still surprised that I managed that many books. My Goodreads says I’m now up to 83 books this year however I feel ill have to slow down this month.

Have you read any of these? Let me know

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