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Beach Read – Book Review

Book Title: Beach Read
Author: Emily Henry
Genre: General Fiction, Romance
Target Audience: Adult
Publication date: 20th August 2020
Format: Kindle

I did what any reasonable adult woman would do when confronted with her college rival turned next-door neighbour. I dove behind the nearest bookshelf.


Why I chose this?

I requested this from NetGalley based on the synopsis. It’s not often I’d choose to read a Romance book at the moment since my college days were all about Romance novels but this one kinda spoke to me.


What it’s about

Beach Read

He doesn’t believe in happy endings.
She’s lost her faith that they exist.
But could they find one together?

January is a hopeless romantic who likes narrating her life as if she’s the heroine in a blockbuster movie.

Augustus is a serious literary type who thinks true love is a fairy-tale.

January and Augustus are not going to get on.

But they actually have more in common than you’d think:

They’re both broke.
They’ve got crippling writer’s block.
They need to write bestsellers before the end of the summer.

The result? A bet to see who can get their book published first.

The catch? They have to swap genres.

The risk? In telling each other’s stories, their worlds might be changed entirely…


First Impressions

Not much of a first impression as far as the cover goes but it does give you an idea that it’s about periods. Kind of hoping that when I open it, it tells me that we will rebel at dawn.


What I Thought

First off thank you so much Netgalley for allowing me to read this fantastic book.

I really struggled to put this down. I don’t often go for Romance books but this one took me to a place I’ve not been for a while and it made me feel and fuzzy inside.

The characters are engaging and fun and I really wouldn’t mind being friends with January and help her out of the rut she has found herself in, through no fault of her own. I really felt we could be friends after this particular quote “I did what any reasonable adult woman would do when confronted with her college rival turned next-door neighbour. I dove behind the nearest bookshelf.”

Gus on the other hand was not someone I was rooting for at first but I soon came around to his grumpy ways after a bit of background on him.

For someone who hasn’t looked at the Women’s Fiction section for a while, this was a nice wander down that road again and I’d certainly recommend it.


Star Rating

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