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Blogmas ๐ŸŽ… Day Eight

My worst Christmas Shopping Experience ๐Ÿ˜ก

My worst Christmas shopping experience was in 2016 when I went on a shopping trip organised by my employers to the great city of Manchester. Home of not one but TWO premier league football clubs, and the place that has given us many bands/singers and comedians. Yet at this time of year it also attracts many

I could have said something much worse and on this particular day I said something very un-Disney like in the Disney Store. That Day started like any other shopping trip to Manchester, stuck on a bus with people who you don’t want to speak to at 7 am as I don’t do mornings.
After two and a half hours being cramped up on bus and a purse full of money to spend we finally arrived in Manchester. However, my excitement was short lived when I noticed the crowds that were there for the Christmas Markets. Now I assume the Christmas markets were good but unfortunately we couldn’t see a damn thing apart from the Bratwurst stall. So instead we decided our first stop would be where we always go Forbidden Planet. Forbidden Planet was relatively quiet and we bought a couple of things in here including some Marvel Funko Pops for me. Then next we sought shelter from the cold in the Arndale centre which was a nightmare. The Disney Store which is on the second floor was heaving and the queue was out of the door and one woman decided to block the entrance. People were being extremely polite and nicely asking for her to excuse them and let them through. She didn’t budge so because I am me and I’m not subtle I told her to ๐Ÿคฌ move. Fair to say she wasn’t happy but she moved. It shouldn’t have got to me swearing at her to move, she could see it was busy and she was purposely pissing people off and robbing them of any Christmas spirit they had before descending on Arndale Centre.
In order to get me to calm down the hubby decided to take me into Waterstones. A sanctuary amongst the madness as it was so quiet and not busy at all in there.
It’s a good job I took him with me or I’d have completely lost it. We decided after a couple more shops it was time to reenter the fray of the Christmas Markets. The hubby set off for the Bratwurst stall to get his Dinner, I honestly cant remember what I had but I felt like I was getting overwhelmed with the crowds so Super-husband finished his dinner and took me to the Cinema. So instead of me going into a full blown meltdown with the crowds and no way of getting home we ended up watch Doctor Strange.
Once the film had ended I had calmed down substantially. We decided that we would try a couple more shops, go to Krispy Kreme and then take refuge in a pub until it was time to get the bus back. Panic Attacks or potential panic attacks while Chrismas shopping in a town away from home when you’ve haven’t got a way back for hours is not an experience I would want to put myself in again.

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