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Blogmas 🎅 ~ Day Seventeen

Christmas Home ware Wishlist

If I was to start a game of “never have I ever” make a Christmas home ware wishlist would be one I can say never have I ever to.


So here we go:

Disney Store Mickey and Friends Share the Magic Mug

I have way way too many mugs in my house, however, the husband has just ruined my favourite Tigger mug so I think it’s only fair that it gets replaced. 

Disney Princess Welcome To Our Castle Door Mat

It’s not Christmassy but I wouldn’t be able to say no to this. The husband might and neither of us are really pink people but my love of Disney can see past the colour. 

Hive Merry Slothmas Bed Set

I have never had Christmas bedding before. I have never been able to change my bedding without getting moaned at. I have to wash, dry and replace the same one while my husband is at work because he is the only person I know who doesn’t like lean bedding.

I think he would change his mind if he saw himself on a duvet cover.

Black Glass Jar Messy Shakes Set

I’m not even sure what’s in the mason jar glasses but it certainly looks tasty.

This is what you get for £9.99

Opt for something sweet with this messy milkshake set.
– Two handled glass jars included
– 2 paper straws
-15g Salted fudge caramel pieces
– 50g salted caramel flavoured popcorn
– 15g Mini marshmallows
– 30g Chocolate flavoured chips
– 30g caramel flavoured sauce 
– Mini marshmallows

Count me in

I’m going to stop there because looking at these gifts is making me want them and I can’t get them before Christmas now 😭

Any Christmas home ware made its way onto your list this year?

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