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Blogmas 🎅 ~ Day Twenty Five

Christmas Morning Routine Part 2

So here is what I have actually done today. I’ve tried to keep it as much as the same as possible but it’s never quite the same while he’s at work:

12:30am go to bed
3:05 am 7 Year old daughter came in with the “is it time to get up yet”
4:00 Is it time to get up yet. AGAIN!!!
4:30 Neil got up ready for work and the kids got up so that way he could watch them open their presents.
5:00 Opened presents (only took 7 minutes)
5:30 Husband went to work
6:00 put Mary Poppins on to calm the kids down. Didn’t work
8:45 phoned Grandma to see if she was up…she wasn’t
9:30 went to Grandmas and Grandad’s to open presents
10:15 got picked up by my dad
10:30 get to parents and open presents
11:30 help Mam with stuff and talk with the family and catch up
14:30 sit down to eat a 3 course meal (or 4 if you’re me)
15:30 go back in the front room for chocolates and chats
17:00 get a lift back home to wait for the husband to finish work so we can celebrate his birthday with him
17:30 Husband opened his presents
18:00 I fell asleep while the husband went to visit his parents.
19:00 Kids and Husband came back and now can’t see the living room
20:00 Husband has now gone to bed because he’s tired and has been to work all day yet had 8 hours sleep last night

So all in all i’m running off very little sleep and have two over excitable kids but we’ve all had a great day and I’ve still got presents to get as they’re somewhere in the cupboard under the stairs but we can’t get to them.

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