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Blogmas ๐ŸŽ… ~ Day Twenty Four

Christmas Eve Traditions

Each year me and the kids do a few things on Christmas eve as I don’t usually work them. They’ve just been things that we’ve done which they now want to do every year only one of them will be different due to a mishap from last year.

Kids 4 Piece Christmas Reindeer Pyjamas, Dressing Gown & Toy Set (9mths-5yrs)

First thing we have which is probably the same for many families across the globe. We all get new Pyjamas. This year my little boy has a similar set to those pictured only it’s not raindeers its dinosaurs. He’s dinosaur mad and insists on watching Jurassic World on a weekly basis. I have got a set for my little girl who loves Unicorns. No actual Christmas pyjamas this year but even if they did and wore them throughout the year, who else is going to know.

We also watch this guy almost every year without fail This is one of the few movies which they will both watch without moaning.

This year it is on terrestrial TV so I don’t have to go looking for the DVD or searching through Netflix or Amazon (I either forget what I’m looking for or I end up putting something else on first).

We also watch Santa Claus: The Movie. I absolutely love that film.

We also have Hot chocolate with a bunch of marshmallows and squirty cream/whipped cream.

Also this isn’t technically a tradition but they usually go up Grandma and Grandads house so I can get the things I have usually forgotten. Unfortunately, with my brain it is inevitable.

Is there any traditions you have on Christmas eve?

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