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Blogmas ๐ŸŽ… Day One

Day one of Blogmas is Christmas Reading List. Now as you’re probably aware looking at my past posts that I’ve been suffering from a humongous reading block since my granddad’s passing. However, I do have a couple of christmassyified books on my list. I mean of course I do, one of which I bought last year and forgot about until putting my bookshelf up.

Book one is one I read every year to the kids and will be mentioned later on in the blogmas posts. So which book could it be? It’s obviously.
We read this before bed every Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, last year the book fell to pieces so I’ll have to make my way to Waterstones and get myself a new copy. I love reading this to my kids every year because we sit all cuddled up and although my eldest knows it and can read she very rarely interrupts as she wants to hear mammy reading it to her. Book two is:
Let it Snow
And Book three has to be
How the In-Laws Wrecked Christmas
I’ve wanted to read this for the last couple of years but I only ever remember in the middle of summer. So whats on your Christmas reading list this year?

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