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Blogmas 🎅 ~ Day Twenty Two

Book Blogger Christmas Wish List

Apparently, I am soooooo hard to buy for but I don’t think I am. I like books and I wear men’s T shirts and food. I think that’s a pretty basic list of endless items that could be purchased for me. So what would I as a book blogger like for Christmas. Well for starters one of these

Image result for waterstones gift card

I still have one with money on but like books you can’t have too many (unless you’re talking about your TBR pile)

I love my Kindle and I use it for more than just reading. I can catch up on TV when the kids have stole my iPad and I can also play games and such. My Kindle isn’t as advanced as the one pictured as I’ve had mine for 7.5 years. My husband (then fiance) bought me it when I was admitted to hospital while pregnant with my daughter and I still use it now and it still looks fairly new. Anyone that loves reading (even if they prefer physical books) I would recommend getting one of these.

An Audible membership isn’t a bad ideas for busy people who want to read. I have listened to an audio book in my car rather than listening to the crap coming from the radio. I’ve also listened to a book while walking to work too. It is extremely handy and they do have new releases on there fairly quickly too.

Image result for bookmarks
Picture found on Google from Etsy

An abundance of bookmarks. Like many book worms I will use anything as a bookmark from scrap paper, sweet wrappers and my daughters bookmark in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is a concert ticket for a band called Lacey. Therefore I really wouldn’t mind some more bookmarks.

As I have been that person to try and write a book review with no notes whatsoever I would be in need of a Notebook or two and I couldn’t resist this sloth one

Image result for owlcrate fairyloot

I would absolutely love it if someone bought me a subscription to and Owl crate or Fairyloot type of subscription box. Getting the subscription is fine but sometimes I can’t justify the postage with these at it costs the same as buying the box but I know that some Book bloggers would love something like this and I’ve had to cancel mine for the start of New Year which I’m gutted about.

There are other things that Book Bloggers would want but if we start off with these six we could be on to a winner.

What would you add to this lift of gifts for book bloggers?

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