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Blogmas ๐ŸŽ… ~ Day nineteen

Christmas morning routine ~ Part one

So the reason why this is part one as this year it’s going to be a little different as this year my husband is working all day and basically we wont get to see him. On his birthday too no less. So this post is going to be about the norm and part two will be about what we actually did. oh and I don’t write times down or anything because I don’t keep to a schedule usually but I am generally out of the house around 10.ย 

So my Christmas mornings can sometimes start around two am which is me getting into bed to survive the day on roughly four hours sleep. Kids usually wake up super early. Last year I must have told them to go back to bed at least 6 times before giving in.

So we get up, get our dressing gowns on and make our way into the front room and they had towards their own sacks which have generally moved places from where they left them. Last year they saw their sacks and moved into the kitchen before doing anything else as they wanted to make sure that Father Christmas and Rudolph had been fed.ย 

Once they have opened their presents they will have something like pop tarts for late breakfast and I have my traditional bacon sandwiches.ย 

Soon we’ll get ready and go visiting but that depends on whose parents we’re visiting.

His parents have Christmas Dinner at 1pm every year (we got moaned at for being late last time). My parents have dinner whenever it’s ready which is usually mid-late afternoon.

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