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Christmas Songs that Drive me mad

There isn’t many songs I don’t like with having a bit of an eclectic taste. However there are Christmas songs that I don’t like either because they are beyond overplayed or make Christmas number one and have no reference to Christmas in them at all (X-Factor I’m looking at you). So here is a quick run down of these songs starting with an extremely popular one.
All I want for Christmas is you – Mariah Carey

Yeah I really don’t like this song. Every year it is the only one that seems to be played religiously and has taken over classics like Slade or Wizzard. Does she really need to warble that much?
The Power of Love – Frankie goes to Hollywood

This is here because although it has a nativity scene is it really that Christmassy? If you listen to the lyrics I’m going with no
Millennium Prayer – Cliff Richard 

The Lords Prayer to the Tune of Auld lang syne. No thank you.
It’ll be lonely this Christmas – Mudd 

How miserab;e is his song considering it is “The most wonderful time of the year”. I’ll give this one a miss.
Do they know it’s Christmas – Band Aid 2/Band Aid 30

This should have never been remade. The original cannot be bettered. End of

Also I’m going to add a little bonus one as my Husband’s birthday is on Christmas Day and this one was number one when he was born

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