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Blogmas ๐ŸŽ… ~ Day Twenty Nine

What I thought of 2018

I firmly believe that when 2018 ends I will be locking the door and bolting it because the way this year has been I will be happy to see it go much like an ex boyfriend.

This year we knew that we’d lose one family member as his Alzheimer’s declined rapidly. I was surprised we made it passed his birthday and on 24th March he peacefully passed away.

Then in October my other Grandad’s Kidneys failed and his cancer spread so we had to say Goodbye to him on 15th October. Then discovered that one of my family members was being conned and it seemed to revolve around this, hence the dragons in my I heart Characters post:

There seemed to be more bad than good this year but on the day of my Grandad’s funeral my cousin had her baby boy and named him after our Grandad. I found out that I had a broken nose for t least 7 years and I had surgery to repair it and I can really feel a difference now.

At the end of the year I’m thankful that my kids are happy and healthy and I’m still happily married (even if we are like passing ships in the night). I do hope next year is better and brings lots of health, wealth and happiness our way.

2018 you can go f*** yourself

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