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Blogmas ๐ŸŽ… Day Two

So why do I think November is too early to celebrate Christmas?
First just let me point out that I do in fact like Christmas, other than the two days of Summer we seem to get it’s my favourite time of the year. I just don’t understand why people would start celebrating too early because for me it kinda loses it magic and I want to make it special for my kids.If I was to start celebrating Christmas before Halloween (like someone on my Island has) I just wouldn’t be into it by the time Christmas come. I’d run out of Christmas spirit if you could call it that.For me it never used to be like this but as I get older the earlier the things appear in the shop, the earlier Mariah Carey isย  played (exactly three months before Christmas it was played this year). I don’t want to be seen as the Scrooge and I know it might seem off but I don’t spend more than a month celebrating something that lasts for 12 days.I am however, that person who takes their tree down before new years eve but this is purely for space purposes. I have a super small house. So when is it OK to start celebrating Christmas for you? Let me know in the comments.

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