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Blood Moon

Book Title: Blood Moon
Author: Lucy Cuthew
Genre: Contemporary
Target Audience: Young Adult
Publication date: July 2nd 2020
Format: Kindle


Why I chose this?

I requested this from NetGalley based on the synopsis. Since my read of Rules For Being a Girl I have wanted to understand more about the ways of the world at the moment ready for my daughter to enter her pre-teens. I know what it was like when I was younger but the world has changed vastly since then.


What it’s about

Blood Moon

A timely feminist YA novel in verse about periods, sex, shame and going viral for all the wrong reasons.

BLOOD MOON is a YA novel about the viral shaming of a teenage girl. During her seminal sexual experience with the quiet and lovely Benjamin, physics-lover and astronomy fan Frankie gets her period – but the next day a gruesome meme goes viral, turning an innocent, intimate afternoon into something sordid, mortifying and damaging.


First Impressions

Not much of a first impression as far as the cover goes but it does give you an idea that it’s about periods. Kind of hoping that when I open it, it tells me that we will rebel at dawn.


What I Thought

So it didn’t tell me “we will rebel at dawn” but it might as well have.

This is a book that every young woman should read. Periods are completely normal and no one should be ashamed of it. I still see young girls in the queue at shops hiding their boxes of Tampons but why? There is no shame in having your period.

I loved how real this story was and how the issue was dealt with. The Cyber-bullying aspects of it were well written and the characters reactions to them were realistic and exactly what I would have done if I’d have been in her position.

This dealt with not only periods and cyber-bullying but feminist empowerment and the complications of friendships too.

A must-read. #NoShame


Star Rating

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