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Blood Oath – Book Review

Book Title: Blood Oath (Darkest Drae #1)
Author: Raye Wagner, Kelly St. Clare
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult
Publication date: November 9th 2017
Format: Kindle

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“Please show her mercy. I’m just the soap queen. I don’t know anything important.”

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Why I chose this?

This came up as a suggestion on Kindle Unlimited and I believe it is because it is a Kelly St Clare book and I’ve just finished rereading her Tainted Accords series.

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What it’s about

Blood Oath (Darkest Drae, #1)Dark Fantasy. Dragons. Intrigue. Romance.

More than anything, I crave adventure. But in the disease ridden land of Verald, life is mapped out much like the well-established rings of our kingdom.

At the very heart reigns our vicious king and Lord Irrik, an invincible dragon shifter, at his side. Their power poisons the land and the people, leading to a steadily mounting number of enemies.

But change is coming.

When the rebellion surges, the king strikes back. Captured by Lord Irrik, I’m suddenly embroiled in a deadly game. One where I’m desperate to understand the rules.

Because I’m not only fighting for my life… but also a love that could be the very key to my freedom.

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Blood Oath (Darkest Drae, #1)

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First Impressions

The cover is almost typical for my Kindle now especially as one of my ex colleagues pointed out I have a lot of covers with half naked guys. I’m sure they now think all I read is smut.

I do like the idea that he is forged by fire the way he is depicted is interesting. I’m also surprised that they went with I can only assume is Lord Irrik. I’m also curious as to why the main characters name hasn’t been mentioned in the synopsis. I’ve never really noticed this being omitted before.

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What I Thought

What an unusual book. At more than halfway through I still wasn’t exactly sure of what was going on. I kept going because out of 11687 ratings 8985 were four and five stars.

Honestly this dragged on for a while and I couldn’t really picture the scenes or the people like I normally can. The main character had little personality and in a world where woman make up the popularity she was one of those “so what do we do now” women or more accurately girl.

The one character who was actually rather interesting with Lord Irrick but he’s a man that can turn into a dragon. How is that not interesting?
Now the last two to three chapters were really interesting and this is where it got going. Bit like The Cruel Prince. We find out who is behind everything and what the main Character actually is (I’ve literally just put the book down and already can’t remember her name, how bad is that?).
As I’ve been in this position before I am going to give book two a shot to see just what happens because the idea behind it was good but the execution wasn’t great.
I wanted to like it I really did but it just didn’t hit the mark and I know I’m in the minority there.
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Star Rating

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