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Book Review: Playboy Princes

Book Title: Playboy Princes
Author: Jaymin Eve & Tate James
Genre: Romance
Target Audience: New Adult
Publication date: April 16th 2020
Format: Kindle

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Why I chose this?

I like Jaymin Eve and as I have read book one which you can find the review for here I felt it’s only right to see what Alex and Claudette are up to and why they need Violet.


What it’s about

Playboy Princes (Royals of Arbon Academy, #2)She’s my last chance. 

Those four words echo in Violet Spencer’s mind, tugging at her curiosity even as rage builds within her.

Arbon Academy was supposed to be a bright new start. An opportunity for greatness, and something an orphan girl could only dream of. For a while there, it seemed to be exactly that.

But Violet’s bright future is suddenly looking dim. Arbon Academy and Prince Alex are nothing but a facade. A trap.

In a sinister world of ballgowns and backstabbing, of perfumes and politics, of indulgent parties and illegal sword fights, Violet now faces the biggest challenge of all. Recovering her shattered heart from the prince who crushed it.

Supported by her new friends, Violet wants to make Alex feel the pain of his betrayal. Prince Rafe wants nothing more than to help make that happen, but things aren’t always so straightforward.

Don’t break tradition.
Don’t let them know you know.
Don’t lose your heart… again.

These rules will keep Violet alive. But at what cost?

First Impressions

No first impressions as I started reading this before I had my post ready as it was released about 2 weeks before it should have been.

What I Thought

With it being a new adult romance book I was expecting sex. what I wasn’t expecting was the amount of sex within it. I mean wow. Halfway through it, I thought it might have surpassed the Fifty Shades trilogy. I should have guessed it though with that title but clearly I wasn’t thinking.

That being said by the time we got near the ending I was on the edge of my seat. I knew there was a ball coming and as it wasn’t starting until the last 3-4 chapters. Any readers out there know that this will be the climactic ending.

The story was well-paced and we got a bit more background into the other characters like brooding Rafe and discovered why he is like he is. Alex is still a … (I was going to swear but decided not to) DOUCHEBAG, which just happens to be my daughters favourite insult at the moment and it doesn’t quite fit him but it will suffice.

Although it was quite a smutty book I do want to see how this ends in poison throne.


Star Rating

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