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Bound By Fae – Book Review

Book Title: Bound by Fae (Enchanted Penitentiary #3)
Author: Abbie Lyons
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: New Adult
Publication date: July 24th 2020
Format: Kindle

What it’s about

Bound by Fae: An Enchanted Paranormal Romance (Enchanted Penitentiary Book 3) by [Abbie Lyons]

When it comes time for revenge, I’d never expected this showdown. Enchanted Penitentiary is at a crossroads, and I’m in the crosshairs.

Because the final enemy is going to be impossible for me to defeat.

Even though my powers—and my feelings—have grown stronger.

I’m not the same Emerald I was. But maybe this is who I need to be to survive.

First Impressions

Bound by Fae (Enchanted Penitentiary #3)This has got to be my favourite cover by far out of the six of them I suppose. This one to me promises more magic that we have got so far and I am hoping it’s not just on Emerald’s appearance. IT makes her seem vainer than she needs to be. What I haven’t pointed out before and I don’t know why it’s taken me this long is she seems to wear not prison clothes on the covers yet she’s been in prison since chapter three of book one. I am hoping she’s not in prison for the entirety of book three because she deserves to be outside of the prison walls.

What I Thought

Before I get into this my reviews for Book one and Book Two can be found on those links.

As per I am going to be 100% honest with this and this was a lot of buildup for very little reward. I got towards the end and my Kindle said I had 6 minutes remaining and a lot to pack into that six minutes. It just simply ends and that’s it.

We do get to know what happened with April which was interesting but not interesting enough to give this book a higher rating. If anything I feel like this needs a Spongebob thing like the below.

Delilah was still the same person who I came to love throughout the books and Emerald seemed to turn back into the vain person she was when we met her in book one.

I was surprised with the introduction of new characters which again didn’t really seem to go anywhere.

I can honestly say this isn’t a book series I would be reading again and I’m not sure I can trust these books that are offered as Facebook adverts.

Star Rating

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