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Captive of Fae – Book Review

Book Title: Captive of Fae (Enchanted Penitentiary #2)
Author: Abbie Lyons
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: New Adult
Publication date: May 30th 2020
Format: Kindle

What it’s about

Book cover for Captive of Fae: A Supernatural Romance: Enchanted Penitentiary Book 2 by Abbie Lyons

There’s more to Enchanted Penitentiary than meets the eye—that’s for sure.

My goal to avenge my best friend’s death is practically the least of my problems now. Things are heating up in every sense, from the upheaval in the prisoners to my feelings for Gage—and for Prince Tarian.

But I can’t lose sight of who I am. I can’t let Enchanted Penitentiary break me. Even with everything—and everyone—at stake.

First Impressions

Captive of Fae (Enchanted Penitentiary #2)I still think that the newer covers are much better than the older ones. At the end of the last book, we’re left in the prison but in a slightly precarious situation which is the main reason why I wanted to carry on. I’m not loving one of the main love interests but I am hoping this one makes him seem a little less robotic. I’m still rooting for Emerald and Prince Tarian.

What I Thought

This one was a little better but I’m still not loving Gage like other readers are. Looking at other reviews I feel like I am reading a completely different book.

Emerald or should I say Em is still thriving in the prison environment but I think this is more because of the company she keeps. If she hadn’t have made the friends inside there I believe she would be a very different person.

I’m really liking Delilah, to me she is getting better and more likeable the more I read.

I really enjoyed that ending and I didn’t see it going that way, I thought it would be someone else that they were referring too so I will be reading the last book in the series. Let’s see how we get on.

Star Rating

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