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Have you ever wondered what Cinderella would have been like if she was a Cyborg? No? Me either until I read Cinder – The Lunar Chronicles Book 1

36381037Book title: Cinder
Author: Marissa Meyer
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Targeted group: YA

Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a time

This was actually a recommendation to me by a friend of mine and I wasn’t sure about it at first. If I was in a book shop I’d have walked right past it. However as soon as she mentioned the words Cinderella and Cyborg it didn’t take much persuading after that.

In fact I read it whilst I was at work awaiting peoples calls that didn’t come. I actually managed to read it in a day. I couldn’t put it down (much to the annoyance of my colleagues trying to gain my attention by throwing paper balls at me).

The story starts off after the forth world war in New Beijing. Cinder is on her market stall as she is the local mechanic but she is avoided by the other stall owners are ignoring her because she is a cyborg. Soon after she gets a visit from someone who asks her to repair his android. Turns out this guy is the prince and then the story follows a similar plot line to the fairy tale.

After a bit of a shocking discovery Cinder has been volunteered for a cyborg draft so that a doctor can find a cure for a plague that is basically killing off the planet one by one. The Doctor eventually provides some news to Cinder who tries to deny it although she is unable to remember anything until a certain point in her life.

Then we come across Queen Levana of Luna who is vain and controlling. There is a riot outside the palace gates and she manages to put a stop to it with her mind per se. This is where she finds Cinder and takes an immediate distrust.

Eventually there is a ball as predicted (how can there be a Cinderella story without a ball?) and Cinder has been told she can’t go by her step mother but she makes her way there anyway. Trouble ensues and the Prince finds out what she really is and Cider tries to make an escape but it doesn’t at all go to plan.

So I actually really enjoyed this book. It was a refreshing change for a main character to be a female and not have a typical job for the gender. I like the fact that she has oil smears and dirty clothes with her hair always in a ponytail. To me this made her more relatable to me unlike the prissy princess types I used to hear about. I especially like her android that thinks she is a human sidekick Iko. Iko is definitely something I wasn’t expecting.

Prince Kai seems like a lovesick teenager who is disgusted by the very thought of Levana and tries (although not very hard) to keep his sass at bay. He is everything I expected of a Prince character and he does seem to carry the weight of the wold on his shoulders.

Adri and Pearl were every bit what I was expecting of them. Evil and dare I say lazy. The expected Cinder to make the money and fix everything in the home and only seemed to abuse her and insult her for being in their home. Peony was lovely and without spoiling anything had something incredibly unexpected thing happen to her.

The settings made for a great story and I know that there is more in the series which I knew anyways but is left on one of those dreaded cliff hangers.

I do think that this is a perfect fit for the genre and age range it has been created for. My only wish is that they would make this into a TV show as in my opinion I do believe it would get good ratings and a great following. I know there are fanfics out there already for this series and I’ve been so tempted to read them but I’m not going to spoil things for myself.

Next up… Scarlet

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