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Cinderella: a REAL life fairy tale ~ Book Review

Book Title: Cinderella: a REAL life fairy tale (Silver Creek Novella #1)
Author: Jamie Brook Thompson
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publication date: February 3rd 2017
Format: Kindle

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Why I chose this?

Since I am on my retelling phase I searched my kindle library for Cinderella and this one came up.

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What it’s about

Cinderella: a REAL life fairy tale (A Silver Creek Novella Series Book 1)If a dream is a wish your heart makes then Cindee Ellis is in major trouble. There’s no way Henry Christensen will ever notice her under all those oil stains and brake fluid splattered across her shirt. Unless—she’s dead wrong about him. Join her with this real-life fairytale set in the small town of Silver Creek to find out how she’ll work her guts out to make her own happily ever after.




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First Impressions

I like that it seems to be a contemporary retelling and not set in faraway fantasy land. Plus with them converse on she is a girl after my own heart. The cover is plain and simple and I like it. I also love the fact that the main character is called Cindee Ellis

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What I Thought

So this is the shortest book I’ve read this year so far at 14 pages and about an hour I was watching Parks and Recreation too). This book was super short and was about 10 chapters.

Due to it being so short everything happened fairly quickly and the book spans over about three days. The characters to me weren’t fully developed and I honestly could’ picture them at all.

I like the idea of the woman being a mechanic and the man being the cook. It makes a refreshing change. That being said, the only references to Cinderella I could see was the fact that the main character was called Cindee Ellis, she had a pet called Gus and the love interest is referred to as Prince Charming.

So as I felt major plot points were missing we’ll go onto the Star Rating.

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Star Rating

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