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Cinderella (Not Quite the Fairy Tale #1) ~ Book Review

Book Title: Cinderella (Not Quite the Fairy Tale #1)
Author: May Sage
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult, Fantasy, Retelling
Publication date: August 31st 2015
Format: Kindle

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Why I chose this?

As this months fairytale is Cinderella I decided to read this as this one seems more along the lines of the original Cinderella just by looking at this cover and comparing it to the last one I read.

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What it’s about

Cinderella (Not Quite the Fairy Tale #1)The King needs an heir and that means finding some sort of woman to do half the job.

“That’s all it’s about, ultimately: basic, carnal compatibility in order to satisfy this need. For that reason, the pictures I request of those who wish to apply are explicit. The full prerequisites are attached to the correspondence. If you aren’t comfortable with these demands, don’t bother applying.”

Ella applies, seeing straight through the bullshit; she goes as far as derisivly add a set of pictures fitting the requirements the letter demands:

A picture of her “pussy” – a fat, indolent Persian – and of her in her nightwear – yoga pants and a hoodie.

In lieu of an introduction, her message reads:

« Dear Daniel Franko Phillipe Del Luz,
I’ve applied to guarantee that I’m not summoned to your little orgy.
Fuck you. We aren’t all stupid.
Ella. »

It was supposed to go through an automated system;

she didn’t expect anyone to read it…

Let alone the King

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First Impressions

The synopsis reads like my kind of book. The King needs and heir and makes ridiculous demands in the form of photographs, Ella does as requested but with a twist. The cover seems typical of Cinderella with a lone glass slipper on a cushion with a prominent blue colour.

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What I Thought

In comparison to the last Cinderella retelling I read this one was really enjoyable. I like the history in regards to the magic and how Ella received the Cinder part in her name.

I also like the history between her and Daniel and how obtuse he was being. How can you possibly choose a wife in three days when you insist on a particular set of disgusting photographs and call women “woman.” That is a huge pet peeve of mine. I was given a name bloody use it. Also annoys me that you can’t really do the same for a man without sounding like you’re from Wayne’s World or something.

I liked the writing style and the different plot to the rest of them. I would be happy reading books by this author again.

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Star Rating

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