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Daily Promt: Disrupt

In response to The daily prompt I’ve decided that this one isn’t a bad one to write on. The word is


As a mother of a 6 & 3-year-old and wife of a security guard who works nights. I often get disrupted.

On top of this I work full-time and try my best to run a house but you know something. It’s not easy.

I’ll be in the middle of doing something to be disrupted and feel forced to do something else whether it’s at work or at home or even while I’m sleeping.

Is it too much to ask to able to finish a task without “Mam I need a drink” or “Mam he’s looking at me” or even “babe do I have any clean boxers?”

  1. you know where the tap is. It’s clean fresh drinking water.
  2. and? He’s allowed to look at you since you just snatched the iPad off him while he was being quiet for a change
  3. No. I don’t wear your boxers and you know where the washing machine and dryer is. Why didn’t you do something about it yesterday when you discovered there were no other boxers in your drawer.

I’m not actually sure whether people realise just how much other people do for them until it’s not done. Like I said I work full-time, have two children, run a household. I can’t be expected to be perfect at these. I am entitled to slip every now and again. I’m human. there is only so much an individual can juggle while maintaining a look of sanity.

I’m just asking for a uninterupted break from my duties as a wife, mother, travel agent and a chance to be Laura, even if it’s just for an hour. I’m not asking for much. 1 whole hour without disruptions would be amazing but since the husband is on nights and the kids are off school this seems like a far off dream at the moment.

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