My Random Thoughts

Do you ever get the feeling that a friend is mad with you and you have no idea why?

I’m in that position now. I thought I was helping out a friend with something and he seems to think the guy who is in charge now likes me and will give me what I want. What doesn’t help is that my friend has put ideas forward to help and has been shot down and the minute I say the same thing I’m amazing.

I can understand how he feels because if I was in his position then I wouldn’t be happy but in all honesty I don’t know what to do. Every time I speak to the guy I charge I drop my friend name in conversation and make his ideas stand out above the rest but its almost like he feels he is getting shunned for me because I have a pair of boobs.

I feel like I’m doing as much as possible to try and help him but I feel like I have made things worse just by being myself.

I feel like a bad friend because he’s my friend and I’m constantly worried about his health and well being but I’m really not very good at showing it.

Guess I’m just as frustrated as him at the whole situation.

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