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End of Year review

Another year has gone and here I am with a blog that’s nearly 18 months old. Who’d have thought it. So here we have a round up of the last six months of what I have read. the first part of this is here in my Mid Year review




As a debut novel this blew me away and was difficult not seeing spoilers from when it was released to when I read it. I still love how Garber describes the world she has created from the colours themselves to the colours of feelings and their descriptions are beautiful. I really enjoyed this book and it’s certainly one I would recommend. Read my full review here .



The couple of months leading to this was disappointing for sequels for me. This one made all the others forgettable. Legendary isn’t about Scarlet but about her sister Tella who is the polar opposite to Scarlet but Garber still manages to pick up where we left of and does it well. The characters seem a bit more playful in this but the stakes are higher. I’ll be honest my original review is better and more eloquent than this so you’d be best reading that.


The Cruel Prince.

The Cruel Prince is the first book I’ve read by Holly Black and I read this because of FOMO. I actually considered DNFing this book but I didn’t and I powered through after people on groups saying it gets better and you know what folks. They didn’t lie. I’m still not Jude’s biggest fan but The Wicked King might change that but if you can make it passed the 60% mark then this is where it gets better.



I started this but unfortunately, I didnt’ manage to finish. It’s not what I would class as DNF just a maybe its a not just yet read.



A Magical Tale with Geek Appeal

I am going to be completely honest with this. I really didn’t enjoy this at all. Considering this book supposedly has “geek appeal” I DNF’d it less than 40% in. Just because people class themselves as geeks does not mean that we are all incapable of finding love or companionship. I am a self-confessed geek, I’m married, I have two children and I have more than three friends. So I have had to give A Magical Tale with Geek Appeal


Shadow and Bone

I understand why my friend recommend I read these books. This was a really interesting start to the series. I really still don’t the appeal of The Darkling but I certainly don’t see the appeal of Mal either. Alina is more than capable of looking after herself without these two people fighting for her affections. That being said it did make it a bit more interested especially with the pull of The Darkling. I have given Shadow and Bone


A Date for Hannah

If I had to choose only one word to describe this book that word would be sweet. Hannah is an insecure teen who feels ugly and fat in comparison to her sister is at her sisters’ wedding where she meets Liam. Liam was invited to make Hannah feel less lonely but things don’t go to plan (always seems to be the way). The ending was incredibly sweet that it could have probably given some people a toothache but the writing style was great and it was an easy read. I gave A Date for Hannah


The Gathering

This was unlike any dystopian I have read before. It was full of sex, drugs and Rock and Roll and an orange Emperor who wants everything his way that also changed everything about his wife who is a Puerto-Rican-from-the-Bronx (it says it like that in the book). This was interesting and I’m curious to see how this pans out. You can read my full review here and I gave it


The Mermaid

Again I’m going, to be honest, and I thought I’d be getting a bit more about being an actual Mermaid rather than the majority being about her time in Barnum’s Museum. Although, I do think this was very good timing with the popularity of The Greatest Showman. I gave The Mermaid




Siege and Storm

I got a little bored with this book. It didn’t have the same fast pace as it’s predecessor. I felt like I was reading more out of obligation than anything as I didn’t really start to enjoy it until the last few chapters. Siege and Storm got


Ruin and Rising

This was a better book than Siege and Storm and the action and adventure carried on all the way throughout the book and had its little surprises on the way. Like the thing with Nikolai and also Mal. Ruin and Rising receives:


Shatter Me.

In all honesty I wanted to read this because of the covers. They look amazing. Then I opened the book and the first few pages annoyed me with the constant strikeout of words here and there. Still not convinced that they were necessary but this soon passed and it was enjoyable. Slightly confused as to how two men fell in love with someone so quickly but other than that it did seem enjoyable and hoping the rest of the series keeps this up. Shatter Me gets




Empire of Storms

What was she thinking with this ending. I’m still annoyed at myself it took me this long (although still not read Tower of Dawn or Kingdom of Ash, I don’t want it to end yet). I love the connections of the different parties in the first part of the books. now although as you can see I’ve already mentioned the ending it was unavoidable and every readers emotions seemed to be running high but it’s not surprising when we take the characters feelings into consideration. Empire of Storms gets




sad cry GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

unfortunately I didn’t read anything this month as I was in mourning and I couldn’t concentrate on reading.



To Kill a Kingdom

To Kill a Kingdom was a great twist as a reimagining of The Little Mermaid even if when I first started it I wasn’t aware it was a retelling. I couldn’t put this book down which annoyed a few people but it was certainly worth the read. In addition, it’s nice to read something where one of the characters has different coloured eyes and yet not necessarily evil.


Howl’s Moving Castle.

I love Howl’s Moving Castle the Studio Ghibli movie the book was so much better. Although it does always seem to be the way with books due to the huge chunks they miss out. Sophie, Howl, Michael and even Calicifer seemed to come more alive to me and I was able to relate more to the characters in the book more than the film. I’m still so happy they kept the bacon line in. Howl’s Moving Castle gets a worthy



So that’s it for the year for now, I haven’t reviewed every book I have read and haven’t included some ARCs in this but with having a full-time job (which is now down to part-time), two kids, a house to run, and with everything else thats gone on unexpectedly I think 51 out of 50 is sufficient and I’m happy to have met my goal. Even if it is lower than last year.


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  1. Sounds like you had a great reading year!! 🙂 Sorry about your mourning period, whoever it was that had passed. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you very much Danielle, I lost both my grandfathers this year. I did have a great reading year though, hoping to keep up the pace next year too.

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