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Fairest, really? I don’t think so – The Lunar Chronicles book 3.5

Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles, #3.5)
Book title:
Author: Marissa Meyer
Genre: Fantasy,Sci-Fi
Targeted Group: YA

Really I chose this because I wanted to see why Levana is why she is. She is pure evil to Cinder and Co but I feel like we don’t get the full story. Plus she was married once before but we don’t really hear too much about it. Is this the reason why shes so cold? or is this all because of Channery?

The feel of this book is different almost as though it’s to show it’s set apart from the main story itself. I love the fact that it shows Levana in the mirror on the front cover and that the mirror is slightly raised with its silver and bronze tones. The paper also has a thicker feel to it. I’m really not sure about this already and I’ve not even started reading it yet.

Fairest begins when Princess Levana is around 15 years old, it covers about 10 years or so of her life, ending before Cinder is set. Princess Levana has grown up in a poisonous household where her older sister Channary mentally and physically abuses her, lets say by using her glamour to make her Levana put her hand in the fire and allow it to spread up to her face. This isn’t a one time thing as she really enjoys to remind Levana of it as Levana is no loner beautiful without the use of the glamour. After their parents are murdered by a a Shell, Channary become Queens. Channary is also well known to sleep around and although she is set to become Queen she forces Levana to make a speech at their parents funeral so that she can sleep with a guard instead. Levana hates the fact that Channary is queen as she sees no interest in the people and she is all about herself. She cut of her seamstress’s feet so that she couldn’t go anywhere for crying out loud. Levana at this point doesn’t sound so bad now.

That is until it is discovered that she likes one of the Royal Guards (Evret Hale), who is happily married to a very pregnant drop dead gorgeous woman (Solstice). This is where the green eyed monster appears and this amuses Channary. On the day of the Coronation Channary finds who she thinks is Solstice and goes to tell her she shouldn’t be there. To her amusement she finds it’s her little sister who has glamoured herself to look like Solstice bump and all. Channary makes fun of Levana specially when she knows that Evret has seen it all and his confusion is quite adorable and understandable.

This is the part where I think we truly discover just how crazy Levana is as she becomes obsessed with Evret after he was the only one to buy her a present on her 16th birthday.

Fast forward a little bit Channary has been crowned Queen of Luna and doesn’t really care about anyone but herself. She’s disinterested in meetings and hates that Levana loved the idea of starting the biological war with earth by sending the letumosis virus to them. On a way to a dress fitting a maid stops Channary and Levana to tell them that Solstice has gone into labour and it’s unlikely that she’ll be able to make it. Channary tried to stop Evret from going to his wife but Levana persuades Channary to let him go which she does.

Solstice Hale gives birth to a beautiful baby girl and unfortunately passes away. Levana tries to comfort Evret but fails miserably. Solstice dying seems to fuel Levana’s Obsession with Evret to the point where she decides she will marry him although she knows this is frowned upon. Royalty simply doesn’t marry commoners.

Rather than comforting Evret she decides to invade his mind from stealing kisses here and there to finally sharing a bed which he was understandably pissed at. As a result of this they finally (as Levana would see it) get married. Evret refuses to take off the wedding ring put there by Solstice but compromises by wearing both. This seems to satisfy Levana. Levana then tries to get pregnant without success and to add salt to the wound Channary gets pregnant to an unknown man and manages to give birth to a healthy baby girl. Princess Selene.

Channary’s reign and chance at motherhood is short-lived as she passes away with a disease not common in aristocrats let alone Royalty. Levana then becomes acting queen until her nieces 13th birthday. After a few years of ruling she’s has a taste for it. With this hunger comes jealousy and heartlessness. Due to this Levana begins an unexpected downward spiral to becoming heartless when it comes to anything but her people. She will do anything to keep them in line and her arse on the throne. Her actions aren’t exactly what we would call fair now are they?

Being completely honest with myself I was expecting more from this. I think I was hoping for something more from Levana’s background. I don’t know why i thought this knowing that the Evil Queen’s reasoning was jealousy. There is really not much reasoning for Levana’s actions. Yeah I know she was burnt as a child but even if she wasn’t Channary was still first in line to the throne and then her first born would still be before Levana.

The whole thing with Evret was just crazy and I’m not sure what to make of it. I can’t imagine any woman I know acting this way but I know there are some women who will do anything to trap a man.

What I really didn’t like about this book is it’s all one long chapter. The only time it changes is when there is a excerpt of Winter at the end.

It wasn’t a bad book its still a good three stars but not a patch on the other four.

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