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Fierce Females February – What is it that makes a female fierce

So As you have probably guessed from the title I have decided to take part in Fierce Female February. Why? because women need to know that they have a voice and shouldn’t have to be put on a back burner or have a man mansplain things to her.

There are some female characters who put themselves first and don’t wait around for a man, they just get shit done.

So what is it that makes a female fierce?

I’m going to start with a fandom I’ve been in forever, Harry Potter. Harry Potter has a number of strong female characters and I’ve decided not to start with the main one but one of the professors

harry potter no GIF

Professor McGonagall is a woman I always looked up to in the Harry Potter franchise. She is smart, incredibly so and I don’t think she gets enough recognition for this, she is caring which is evident when we hear about James and Lily at the beginning of the Philosophers Stone. So what makes her fierce? She is an absolute badass, the other professors (well more other competent professors) will let people get away with murder. literally. But not Minerva, she stands up for what she believes in and will not let anyone change her mind. She not only helped Potter in the fight against Voldemort but she stood up against Umbridge when no one else did.

harry potter books GIF

Then we’ve got Molly Weasley. Clearly, the gif I’ve chosen says a bit about the reason why I’ve chosen her but aside of this, she is a mother of seven, SEVEN, that in itself says something. She chose to be a stay at home mum and bring her kids up to the best of her ability and when it comes to her and Arthur with the kids, she will step in and take bad cop role.

I can barely handle my two somedays but to have seven and still feel you have an identity outside of being a mother. I take my hat off to her. I love how thrifty she is, with homemade lunches for the train and making sure the kids don’t feel left out of things even if they don’t appreciate it (I’m looking at you Ron with your Yule Ball outfit). I get that sometimes she will feel as though shes let her kids down not being able to get them exactly what they want but they had what they needed even if meant Molly and Arthur going without. I love this woman.

There isn’t just the Harry Potter fandom we can delve into for this there are plenty more. For instance

lord of the rings queue GIF

Arwen is another one I believe is fierce as she comes from a world then is ruled by males where the females don’t get much to do other than make their men happy and bring up their children. Not Arwen, yes she chooses to follow her heart at her father’s annoyance but she doesn’t just sit back and let the men take all the credit, she saved Frodo after he had been stabbed with a blade used by the Ringwraiths. She was also happy to argue with Aragon about it and left Sam, Merry and Pippin to wonder if Aragon had made the right choice in giving Frodo to her but I’m sure they all forgave him in the end.

The Lord Of The Rings Elise GIF

Eowyn is definitely what I would consider to be a fierce female. She defied orders to stay and look after her people and went to war as lets face it she had been practising her sword skills quite often. That epic line in the gif made me so happy when I watched it. It showed me that women aren’t delicate flowers for men to ogle at, we do have thorns and we’re not afraid to use them.

Image result for aelin ashryver galathynius

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, in my honest opinion, is the ultimate fierce female. She is an assassin through and through which is namely what would usually be considered to be a man’s profession and she does her job well, maybe too well in some cases. She constantly makes plans and doesn’t tel people and with reason has trust issues but people have been managing to break down her walls but she is still as fierce as ever.

So what is it about these women that make them all fierce in my book?

They’re all

  • Brave
  • smart
  • strong
  • Careing
  • Compassionate
  • Not afraid to back down from what they believe in
  • Bold
  • Badass
  • Stubborn
  • They all keep their feminine qualities
  • They are all individuals. They share the same qualities but they all are very different people.
  • They are all people I would like to be

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