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I found this thanks to Flowers in the Brain and it’s a tag I’ve not come across before. 

Do you keep a list of the books you’ve read?

I do but I do this via Goodreads because if I wrote them down in a notebook I’d spend more time looking for the notebook than anything else.

If you record statistics, which ones do you record?

I don’t record anything other than what books I’ve read. I usually get a surprise at the end of the year with my Goodreads stats. 

Do you give star ratings for books and if so, what do you score books out of and how do you come about this score?

I give my reviews based on 5 stars. I have all the details in my Review Policy

Do you review books?

It’s basically all I have been doing at the moment. I’ve chosen to do a could of book tags to break them up a bit. 

Where do you put your finished books?

Back on my bookshelf. I have sent some of mine to the charity shop but I am considering making a box outside my home with free books for people during this pandemic. 

Do you have any other rituals for when you’ve finished reading?

Monthly wrapups and mini-reviews within the wrap-ups. If they’re a part of a series I will also link back to the original reviews. 

If anyone has any more book tags or want to do a discussion then feel free to tag or comment below. 

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