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I saw that this tag a while ago and completely forgot about it. Since I keep seeing Harry Potter things crop up on all Social Media platforms at the moment, I thought no time like the present.

What house are you in?

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I’m in Ravenclaw, when I took the sorting quiz on Pottermore many years ago I suspected I was going to be a Slytherin but I was quite happy with this so it’s stuck. I’ve done the quiz a couple of times and more often than not it’s Ravenclaw and when it’s not Ravenclaw it’s Slytherin.

What is your Patronus?

Again according to Pottermore my patronus is an Orca but I’d much prefer it to be a Sloth

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What is your wand?


I’ve got a rather small wand due to only being 5’3 but I think the picture of the wand is a bit of a misrepresentation. I also think compared to the wands we see in the films that one in the photo is ugly. Not that I would wand an overly flamboyant wand but something a bit more aesthetically pleasing than that.

What would your boggart be?

I really don’t like the idea of deep water where you cant see the bottom or the sides so I assume it would be something like that.

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What position would you play in Quiddich?

If I had to play it’d be a beater. I’m good with a bat, I used to play rounders, baseball and cricket, so I’d be quite handy. However, due to there being flying involved I would much prefer to keep my feet on the ground and be a spectator.

Would you be a pure-blood, half-blood or muggle born?

My mother and grandmother always stated that they were witches, long before Harry Potter came out so I’m going to say I’m a half blood.

What job would you want to have after leaving Hogwarts?

I’d most likely take a job in Magical Law Enforcement. I’m not blowing my own trumpet but when it came to giving advice on the law for seven years I was good at it so I think this would be a perfect for me.

Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose?

The cloak. Always the cloak. I don’t want the elder wand or the things that come with it and with the stone I’d never use it as there is a reason why we say rest in peace.

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Favourite book?

I really enjoyed Goblet of Fire as in my opinion this is where everything truely got going with the return of Voldemort.

Least favourite book?

If I had to pick any it would be then Chamber of Secrets.

Favourite film?

Prisoner of Azkaban. I feel this one was the most like the books.

Least favourite film?

Goblet of Fire. They missed way too much. I know it needed condensing but they could have had a bit more of the Quidditch World Cup.

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Favourite character?

I always stuggle with nswering this question as a lot of the characters have their own unique personalilty traits that I like. I love how oblivious Harry is for a main character, I love that Ron being poor still offered a boy on a train he didn’t know a sandwich and a friendship blossomed from there. I love that Hermionie is a bookwork and the Ginny is a tom boy. I love how Neville ends up stivking up for himself and I love how Luna doesn’t give a crap about what other people think of her.

Thats just six characters out of the many across the series.

Least favourite/most hated character?

Although Umbridge is at the top I also have a hatred for the Carrow’s. They used the unforgiveable curses on children who didn’t want to take part in their dodgy regime.

Favourite teacher at Hogwarts?

Professor McGonagall hands down.

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Least favourite teacher at Hogwarts?

It’s got to be Umbridge. I’m sure there is not explination needed.

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Do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?

Dumbledore is a dick. I have a friend who tries to argue the other side as he loves Dumbledore but I have my reasons.

There we have it. If you would like to take part then I look forwrd to seeing your answers.


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