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Harry Potter isn’t for kids!

Since the photograph for the Curse of Grindelwald was released last week I’ve seen two arguments arise

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  1. Harry Potter is for kids
  2. I won’t watch it because they’ve cast Johnny Depp and he abused his ex wife

So I’ll start with argument 1. “Harry Potter is for kids.” Yes these people have a point Harry Potter is classed as books for older children but unless they have read it then I don’t think they truly understand what JK Rowling was actually teaching people. Harry Potter is a tragedy masquerading as a children’s book series and has a number of dark topics that children wouldn’t necessarily understand until they’re older.

Let’s start at the beginning. Harry Potter is orphaned. My parents are both still here so I start this book aged 9 (it is a children’s book after all) and I immediately can’t quite click with the main character as I’m lucky enough at this point to not lose anyone close to me. I don’t know how harry must be feeling but I do feel some level of sympathy for him. Then we meet the Dursley’s and Dudley who is a spoilt brat and a bully. His parents dote on him and he can do no wrong in their eyes but this has turned him into a nightmare for anyone else. Now I’m starting to relate to Harry as I think everyone has met at least one person like this and I had my fair share of bullies growing up.

Harry finds out he’s a wizard. Come on what child hasn’t thought about this at least once. He also discovers he has a fortune sitting in a Wizard bank that was left to him by his parents. Again what child doesn’t think about what it would be like to be super rich (baring in mind when I was 9 I thought £100 was a huge amount of money).

*time skip as I’m not quite ready to talk about a certain blonde haired boy at the moment*

We then are magically transported to Kings Cross station where we see a woman who has 7 kids in tow trying to make her way to an apparent non-existent platform. One of the first things we know about this women is she has got her children’s names wrong. Now this I totally understand. I’ve been at the other end of this. No one can seem to get my name right as it is but I’d at least expect my parents/grandparents/siblings to get my name right. How hard can it be? Oh wait she did get them right and they were just messing with her. I think I’m going to like these twins. They also help me like them a bit more when they help Harry get his trunk on the train.

Now that we’re on the train we meet Ron the poor ginger kid who has brought sandwiches to eat that his mother made even though he’s not keen on what she has made him. Now that I’m a mother of two instead of feeling sorry for this child I think he s a little ungrateful how can this women who is probably stressing out really remember every tiny detail. We all make mistakes. However when I was 9 I did feel sorry for him. He’s in hand me clothes, he’s using his brothers wand and has his other brothers pet rat who is indeed pathetic. He then embarrasses himself by trying out a spell in front of Harry and an insufferable know it all A.K.A Hermione Grainger.

I really disliked Hermione at first but I think that’s because I saw myself in her. I didn’t like that. My thoughts were is this how people see me. As someone incredible annoying and a know it all. It’s no wonder I didn’t have many friends (still don’t but it’s quality not quantity).

During the course of the 7 books we are finding out things that I probably wouldn’t have  realised until I was older. JK Rowling taught me about

  • Family and how family doesn’t have to mean flesh and blood
  • Class and also just because your family has it doesn’t mean you do
  • You are more than your family name
  • Acceptance
  • Humour
  • Loss
  • Inequality
  • Race
  • It taught me that people might not always be what they seem
  • It taught me be myself (thanks Luna)
  • It taught me that I didn’t have to do something if I didn’t want to
  • It taught me that saying no is hard sometimes especially when your family is involved in
  • It taught me that we don’t all have to want the same things
  • It told me that there is more than one way to solve a problem
  • It taught me about death and grieving and that people deal with it in different ways
  • It taught me that life isn’t fair
  • It also taught me that death will come no matter how much you don’t want it to
  • Nasty people always get their comeuppance
  • Don’t judge things by their appearances
  • Never trust a rat
  • Violence doesn’t solve anything
  • Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve
  • It taught me that not everyone gets or thinks they deserve their happy ever after (this came more clear after I turned 16)

These books taught me so much and like I said yes they are children’s book. I was a child when I read them but as an adult 20 years later I would happily pick these back up and learn these lessons once again and pass this knowledge onto my kids. In fact I think it would be stupid not to teach my children these lessons. I wouldn’t know how to explain somethings to them and at 9 although I didn’t know exactly what somethings were I understood what was implied.

Now for the argument to point number 2. I won’t watch it because they’ve cast Johnny Depp and he abused his ex wife. Who is forcing you to watch a film? You can chose whether or not to watch a film without coming out with this excuse. There is only two people who know exactly what happened and they are Johnny Depp and Amber Herd. It has got nothing to do with me but it certainly won’t stop me from going to see a potential great film with one of the greatest acting chameleons to ever graced our screens. To me it doesn’t matter that he was accused, it doesn’t affect me but I will say you can post pictures of Amber Herd’s bruised face as a comment but for all we know I could have given her a black eye. It doesn’t mean that one person in particular did it.

I am always covered in bruises and it upsets me that people look to my husband in disgust because they think he was responsible. Unless you know what happened for certain you get no right to judge him. They don’t know that I am incredibly accident prone and the bruises on my arms and legs are from pole dancing and the ones that have graced my face in the last couple of years are from kickboxing. My husband has done neither of these sports and I enjoy them but I shouldn’t have to stand up for my husband because people have assumed the worst. He feels awful wen people look at him like he’s a bad person when all he is guilty of is looking after our kids so that I can go out for a couple of hours a week and enjoy myself while getting stronger. If you ask me where I got them I would be happy to tell you and I will say that if he was to ever raise his fist to me he would be out the door before he can say Quidditch.

So yes I will be going to watch the Crimes of Grindelwald and I will most likely enjoy it as the Harry Potter franchise is still going strong and the haters are just jealous that they haven’t been able to make multibillions of pounds from writing “just a children’s book.”

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