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Heartache & Hilarity

So last Wednesday I went to see Jaret Reddick’s Heartache and Hilarity tour and what a great time I had. I got stuck behind a tractor on a low loader which was stuck behind a tractor (perks of living where I do) so I got to my friends house a little later than anticipated.

The journey there wasn’t exciting, she drove for two hours while I navigated and we had our usual Burger King at the service station on the way. We managed to get to Manchester a little early and joined the VIP queue. Over the road at the O2 ritz was a bunch of screaming teenage girls. To be completely honest I’ve never seen so many people google a band in one area before. So, a group called R5 were on but very few people on our side of the road had heard of them. I’m also absolutely positive that the guy in the queue next to us was my inner monologue. Everything I thought while in that queue he said out loud (I thought it was a little strange). As it turned out they turned up an hour early as they weren’t VIPs so the disappeared out of the queue and went for a drink. It was almost this very moment that the queue started moving and a few more people in front of us disappeared out of the queue.  

One we got inside we said our names and showed our tickets then to our surprise we were given a VIP sticker (not unusual) and a kazoo (this I was confused by as they‚Äôve never presented us with ‚Äúgifts‚ÄĚ before other than a poster).¬†So,¬†I take my kazoo and sticker and proceeded to enter the room and head straight for the¬†merch¬†tables. I needed to get my tour¬†t-shirt¬†as I always do and I managed to buy a tote bag which came in incredibly handy tonight.¬†¬†

There we are 51 of us stood by a stage each holding a¬†fluorescent¬†yellow kazoo and Jaret comes onto the stage making us aware that there¬†are¬†5 rules for the kazoo. I can’t remember them no but one was definitely no solo¬†kazooing. He then¬†proceeded¬†to tell us that the kazoo was to be used as the guitar bits for 1985 as the other band members aren’t there and to be honest it probably¬†wouldn’t’¬†have sounded as good.

Now me, I’ve never played a kazoo before so I had no idea what I was doing so I did what I always do. Laugh. I have a terrible habit of doing this when I’m nervous. He started the song and would you believe I cracked it on the second chorus.¬†

After¬†anther¬†song he left the stage and we went to get a¬†drink.¬†¬£3 for a bottle of water. I had to ask twice the price. I’m not a cheapskate by all means but ¬£3 for A BOTTLE OF WATER. Glad I wasn’t asking for a drink¬†drink.¬†¬†

For the first time we actually managed to get to¬†the¬†front of the stage. I couldn’t believe it. For someone as tall as me¬†and my¬†friend¬†to be able to actually see something and not some¬†strangers¬†back or watch a show or through somebody ¬†else’s¬†phone this was a miracle.¬†¬†

After a break to let the non VIPs in we were introduced to a band called The Lounge Kittens. My first impression was ‚Äúwow they‚Äôre shiny‚ÄĚ

These girls were amazing ūüėČ. They started off with a pop punk medley (this can be found on their YouTube account). They had a mixture of songs to play and even did a 80s and 90s tv theme tunes medley. Zan, I do think the T-rexican wave will show itself again. I really did love these ladies and I have downloaded some of their songs since I saw them.

<<<<<<<< ut 30 minutes it was time for the main even and the crowd were in awe. The way he sat there and kept a crowd of people’s attention wit very heckling was awesome. I’ve been to other places with hecklers where the act hasn’t been able to control the crowd but Jaret did it with ease and this was without the other three backing him up. It was really nice to hear the stories behind the songs and to find out that some of the songs were wrote about two people and that one song in particular was actually wrote about the wrong place. <<<<<< know you won’t read this but you have to write the Wetherspoons song and swampy balls. PLEASE!!! All in all this was an excellent night where the only two things I have to complain about are the tractors and the fact that I got a bad back from standing. Neither are anything to do with what I saw. I’d love to see both of these guys again and I think everyone needs to do the T-Rexican wave. What was the last gig you went to? Or if you haven’t been to one who would you want to see? Do you have any upcoming?<<<<<< I need to see BFS and Lacey again next year

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