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I have a new Job

So within the last few weeks, my life has been hectic. As well as being the summer holidays (unfortunately I’ve still got a week before the kids go back) I’ve had countless interviews for around the area and I’ve got one. after two years someone finally wants me.

From the 9th of September, I will no longer be a “cruise consultant/specialist” who has never stepped foot on a cruise ship. I will then be an employment advisor helping people get jobs. It feels all too real now. I’ve been miserable for some time and since putting my notice in my heart rate has come down dramatically but I don’t need to worry about hitting a target that seems almost impossible.

With this change, I hope to be on here more. I’ve got some reviews to complete and I’m looking at starting doing something I’ve been planning on for a while.

Watch this space.

1 thought on “I have a new Job

  1. Congrats on your new job!! I desperately need a new job myself, so could you be my employment advisor? Lol kidding (but not really!) But really, congrats on getting out of a miserable situation. Proud of you!!

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