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I Heart Characters #25 – Yeah, Their Temper is Ridiculous!

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This weeks theme is:

May 16th 2019 – Yeah, Their Temper is Ridiculous!

(It could be a mental illness, stress because they’re a mom or they have to deal with idiots! Whatever it is their temper is legendary…)

Do I class as a character whose temper is ridiculous because I’m sure if my husband was given this prompt that is exactly what he would say and to be frank I don’t blame him, I can be a handful. 

Therefore I decided it was time to go with my nickname that I received from work and go with:

angry hulk GIF

Hulk is well-known for his temper to a point where Banner says:
angry the avengers GIF

Now, I know he probably doesn’t really fit the whole theme of Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Mental Health Awareness Month as outlined by Dani, but I’m not one for sticking to the exact themes per se. 

The reason why I’ve gone with Hulk because I was recently diagnosed with Anxiety and am coming to terms with that. It’s been a case of I’ve had it for years but now with everything that has been going on my emotional well overflowed and I couldn’t deal with it anymore and had to seek help. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I was called Hulk by my colleagues in my last job (I left through no fault of my own as they got rid of all 90 members of staff). The reason why I got called the Hulk is because people who called up wanting advice wouldn’t listen and I couldn’t take myself down to their level and couldn’t raise them p to mine who I was frustrated with myself. Due to this happening 8 hours a day 4 days a week I started not to be able to control my temper and I ended up shouting at the people who were calling for advice. Although, it did make me better at my job because people were finally paying attention but, new people started avoiding my area of the office because of this “Hulk” who was supposed to be a huge angry person whose reputation preceded them. Instead they got a 5’3″ pregnant lady who didn’t need to be pregnant to be angry.

It’s been about two months since I finally began to understand things and I’ve made some changed but I wished I’d have known the signs sooner and been able to get the help I needed before now. It’s not easy to be overflowing with that much raw and angry emotion which is why I relate to the Hulk. 

 Anyone else that is struggling out there I would urge you to seek help or seen advice and don’t think it will just go away on its own. It won’t, I know that for a FACT. 

mental health help GIF

Please, please, please don’t feel like you need to do this all on your own, I’ve got your back. Please don’t make

hulk GIF

I love you all 😘




3 thoughts on “I Heart Characters #25 – Yeah, Their Temper is Ridiculous!

  1. Wow, congrats on realizing that you needed help after your anger issues with anxiety. I have anger issues too sometimes at work, and wonder if my anxiety and my disdain for my job have anything to do with it. There are times where my normal days at work are good, but when it gets overwhelming and insane and out of control, my anger and annoyance come out. And it comes out on the wrong people, when really it should come to myself. Anyway, I’ve had anxious moments (not diagnosed) for years and it wasn’t until my last job where I was having panic attacks during my shifts that I needed to get out of there.

  2. WOW! I love that you totally deviated Laura and shared about your connection to Hulk. Actually its kind of a mean and a cute nickname at the same time. Because I can imagine you hulking and it makes me giggle. But yeah big and green… Still I am impressed you got help and realized you needed it. That can be so hard … to take that step. ❤️

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