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I’m going to Comic Con 🎉

I’ve been waiting 7 months for this and I can’t wait. I know most people are going on about London Film and Comic Con with the YALC meet up which would have been amazing but who am I to moan about not going when a friend bought me and my husband weekend tickets as a Christmas present.

So I’m setting off for Manchester today on the train and haven’t actually booked my train tickets as Northern Rail have a really bad habit of cancelling their trains at the moment or having a replacement bus service but we will get there. I have however sorted out my hotel even if one wouldn’t let me use my agent rates and asked me to pay double the price (erm no?) so good old travel lodge it is.

My husband wants us to go out drinking but I really don’t enjoy this. Yeah I’ve been out but going out with the purpose of getting absolutely obliterated isn’t for me especially when we’ve got to be up at stupid o’clock to get in. Thankfully I’m not going in cosplay so I can have a lie in (in comparison to these guys).

Also as it’s my birthday in two weeks my husband says he’s going to buy me stuff while we’re there but I’m not sure I’ll see much as last time we went which was two years ago, I came home with a t-shirt a funko pop and a photograph thing with a saying about sarcasm.

So I have my bag packed just need to sort out my backpack. The kids will be shipped off to their grandparents soon and the husband is probably now running around asking me where his clothes are and you know something. He’s been off since Monday and has had all the time in the world to sort this out so it’s his own fault.

Still not entirely sure of when we’re setting off but can’t wait to get away for a few days.

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