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It’s my Blogiversary

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started doing this. Usually, I’d have given up by now and moved onto something else (I have a bad attention span and easily distracted)

That being said, I’m still really being a part of the blogging community as there is something different every time you come on here and do some blog hopping. You never read the same book twice either as I tend to remember different parts on each read.

So what have I learned in the last 12 months? Well…

  1. Your blog is your own personal part of the internet. You can write about whatever you want and don’t need to worry about seeking anyones permission before you do. Want to write a weird post go head it’s your blog. 
  2. Memes help. I have taken part in Top Ten Tuesday, WWW Wednesday, I heart Characters and lately Sentranced Saturday. These have helped me get out into the world and following some amazingly lovely people who are really supportive and I really appreciate the help I’ve received from them. 
  3. Twitter not Facebook. Before starting my blog I used Facebook all the time it was my go to place when I was feeling lonely. However, Facebook is crap for promoting your blog but Twitter is wonderful. There is so many people on Twitter who are willing to help complete strangers get their blog off the ground and because of Twitter I discovered a Discord group which I don’t post often on as generally I can’t keep up with the conversations. 
  4. Follower count doesn’t matter (unless you’re a subscription box looking for reps). At the time of writing this I have 71 followers. I find it amazing that there are 71 of you who want to read what I write. My blog has also had 1639 views. I didn’t imagine I would have 1 followers or this many views and I really appreciate each and every one of them
  5. Be yourself. This kind of goes with number one now that I think about it. My blog is one of the few places I can be myself. At work I have to put on a front as the people there already think I’m a bit too weird. But here like in my own little slice of the internet why shouldn’t I allow myself to be well myself. If 71 people like me for being me then why should I change that. 

I’ll probably think of more once this has been posted but 5 is a good number to get to in my opinion. Still here’s to the future

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