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July Wrap Up

This month has gone so fast. The way this year is flying by it’ll soon be Christmas and I’m so not ready for that.

So this month I have read a grand total of 4 books which isn’t out of the ordinary. It’s still more than what some people would attempt. So what have I read


Caraval (Caraval, #1)I was apprehensive at first with a chapter full of letters but I loved this book. I want Scarlet’s dress. I want an adventure like she had but without my sisters being at risk. I want a man who would give his life for mine. I, however, am not sure if I’d remember that it was a game.

I love the rapport between Scarlet and Julian and the constant guessing as to who is Legend.



Legendary (Caraval, #2)

In this book we witness Caraval but this time it’s from Tella’s point of view but I personally think she is a more interesting character than her sister.

I love how in this book we get a bit more backstory to the characters which then hopefully push the series forward in Finale. This book kept me on my toes as I was always wondering what would happen next and once again it keeps you guessing as to who is Legend.



The Cruel Prince

The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air, #1)

I’m still in shock over the hype this book received when I was bored and tempted to DNF it at about 50% in. All I can say is push through it does get better.

Jude as the main Character is meh and Carlan is like the little boy on the playground who doesn’t know how to act around anyone remotely different and resorts to bullying. It’s mental but also a little true to life like the boys who pull girls hair to tell them that they like them. It’s wrong but it happens.



I also made a start on Circe and Shadow and Bone which I, unfortunately, didn’t finish between my work schedule, kids (including one birthday along with his party) and being away for Comic-Con but I’m hoping I can have some more books under my belt within the next month.

3 out of the four books I said I’d read isn’t bad though right?

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