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June Wrap up

June was a tough month for me so I really didn’t have much of a reading bug. I had two nose infections caused by “sneezing too much” even though one was a horrific boil on top of my stitches and I went back to work after having three months off.

Work has and also hasn’t been going well. In terms of selling, I’ve made £1800 in commission but I still feel like the invisible women. I’ve only been noticed now that I’ve received a complaint even if he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

So with that reading hasn’t been my priority as much as I wanted it to be but I did manage to read some. So this month we have:


Glass Sword

Glass Sword (Red Queen, #2)I really really liked Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and it was the start of a very promising series. In reality, however, I was disappointed. This book didn’t live up to the hype I had read about which was my own fault everyone has differing opinions and I shouldn’t have gone into this series on the back of this.

Now that I have come to wrap it up I can’t really think of anything other than the ending that stood out and I think that’s only because it leads onto the next book. They spend a lot of time, travelling (not time travelling they don’t have a police box or a Delorean) and getting these newbloods which in my honest opinion really forgettable. There is only a couple that I remembered by name or ability and didn’t seem that significant to the plot at this point. The one exception I can think of at this moment in time is Granny the old dear who can change her appearance at will.


Kings Cage

King's Cage (Red Queen, #3)Well, where do I start with this? Again this seemed promising but it just wasn’t for me in the end. I really liked the change in POV’s as I expected this but not the people that were chosen. I thought we’d have Mare and Cal so to not have Cals POV was pleasantly unexpected.

It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it’s predecessor in my opinion but it was lacking in something. I was so glad that Maven had yet another betrothal and not one that was organised by his mother but did seem like a better-placed plan in order to get rid of the Scarlet Guard and makes it seems like Maven is more than capable of being a manipulative little sod without his mothers input especially as he sits on a throne made of Silent Stone which much be hellish to sit on.


A Thousand Perfect Notes

A Thousand Perfect Notes

Cait from Paperfury blew me away with her debut novel. I don’t think I’ve gone through so many emotions while reading a book less than 300 pages. Beck was an amazing main character and I really felt for him being in the position he was in. Nobody wants a parent who doesn’t care about anything but their own agenda.

August was just a happy go lucky type of person who I think I need as a friend as I see a lot of people who just look at Beck think he’s a miserable git lets not approach him but August see’s that there is something that he’s hiding and although she does push at first she lets him explain things in his own time. I think everyone needs a friend like August especially if the said friend buys cakes because you look grumpy. I’d be eating cake all the time.


In addition to the pitiful amount of books, I’ve read this month which I have done posts about I have also read two ARC’s that I have received. Unfortunately, I haven’t got ay blog posts on them but I might get around to this as I know one of them has been released.

So there you have it a quick rundown of what I managed to read this month. I am hoping that July will be so much better. I am also hoping that by the end of July my stitches will have disappeared let’s just see how it pans out.

How many books did you get through? Do you feel like you’ve disappointed yourself when you’ve not finished the books you said you were going to read?

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  1. Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. That’s how I’d felt in May. Just sick and terrible all the time. I couldn’t even read anything until I’d felt at least a little better. Hope July is better for you! 🙂

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