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Book Title: Jupiter’s Fire
Author: William Osborne
Genre: YA Historical Adventure
Publication date: 1st December 2019


“I don’t think we’d be expected to climb any mountains dressed like this”

“Or ford any streams, I hope”

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Why I chose this?

I’m not one for historical fiction but this one piqued my curiosity for some reason and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

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What it’s about

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When Franco, a teenager living in the monastery at Monte Cassino in 1944 uncovers a long-lost Roman Eagle, the fabled Aquila for the Jupiter Legion, he sets in motion a desperate struggle to prevent the Nazis from using it to win the war. In a do-or-die mission, Franco and Dulcie, a teenage mountain girl, must steal the Eagle back and escape before its deadly power is unleashed. Pursued by the implacable forces of the SS they will discover not just the secrets of the Eagle but also themselves.

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About the Author

William Osborne – Born 1960 – educated at Greshams School, Holt, Norfolk and Robert Louis Stevenson, Pebble Beach, California,  studied law at Cambridge,(MA),  barrister at law, Member of the Middle Temple. Screenwriter and member of Writers Guild of America (West) – Author (published works, 1994, 1998, Hitler’s Angel, Winter’s Bullet, Jupiter’s Fire).  Lives in Norfolk, enjoys life, film, dog walking, cold water swimming, lego, collecting odd stuff, driving his beach buggy.

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What I Thought

Now as I mentioned earlier I am not generally one for historical fictions and Roman Mythology is usually over shadowed by the Greeks. However, this book was exciting, captivating and unbelievably descriptive that I couldn’t put it down.

I was captured by the prologue from “The mountain summit was silhouetted against the blinding midday sun” to describing the temples alabaster columns.

I was expecting this to be a slow paced historical fiction piece. Boy was I wrong. Its set in World War two in a temple that has been decimated where for hundreds of years there has been a “Holy Grail” type thing discovered. We are then taken across Europe trying to keep it out of the hands of the Nazi Party.

The main character is 15 year old Franco who has unintentionally bitten off more than he can chew with his mission. He is such a likeable character and is a braver person that I would ever be, especially at 15. Although he has this immense task to me he feels that although there is these obstacles in the way of him and the final destination, he takes it in his stride and knows that he has to get on with it.

This novel is easy to follow and I like how the church is willing to help these two children who have been dumped (for lack of a better word) in a different country trying to get a relic back to it’s rightful place.

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Star Rating


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