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Mage born – Book Review

Book Title: Mageborn (The Hollow King#1)
Author: Jessica Thorne
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult
Publication date: February 18th 2020
Format: Kindle


Why I chose this?

I came across an advertisement on Facebook if I remember rightly and thought this sounded like a good read. It helped that it was on Kindle Unlimited as I promised my husband I wouldn’t buy books for a little while. Kindle Unlimited doesn’t count 😏.


What it’s about


A dark and addictive fantasy read for fans of Graceling and Sarah J. Maas. The life of an orphan soldier becomes entwined with that of the mysterious heir to the throne, whose very presence draws out the secret magic living inside her: a magic that breaks every law she is duty-bound to uphold…

The room is small and dark. Row upon row of jars line the shelves, each one sealed with blood-red wax. The seal’s mark is a twisted circle of briar with gleaming, gold-tipped thorns. And in each jar a flicker of forbidden magic dances… beautiful, but deadly.

Sold to the Crown in the aftermath of the Last Great War, Grace Marchant has never known her parents. Now, she trains as an elite soldier tracking down mageborn – those born with an ancient and long-outlawed magic – and destroying them if they don’t surrender their power to the Crown.

The mageborn who submit are collared, then handed over to the King’s cousin and heir: the elusive Bastien Larelwynn, Lord of Thorns, locked away in his shadowy workshop deep inside the castle. What becomes of them is hard to say – the Lord of Thorns keeps his secrets close.

Grace has always fought the voice inside her that questions whether the law is truly just – but when her closest friend is next on Bastien’s list, Grace’s loyalties are tested to the limit. Confronting Bastien – searching his strangely compelling obsidian-black eyes for answers – Grace is shocked to feel herself begin to change, to show the first signs of the wild magic she so fears.

Only the Lord of Thorns has the power to save her and the rest of the mageborn – if he doesn’t destroy them all first…

What I Thought

I started reading Mageborn not knowing what to expect because unlike other books I have read lately the cover doesn’t give much away and has a Beauty and The Beast feel to it. Turns out it was an addicting read and I struggled to put the book down. This is a perfect read for fans of magic, fantasy, romance and plot twists. What a book.

The characters were alluring and Grace is a kick-ass heroine we all need. She is strong, smart and knows her mind. Whereas Bastien, the Lord of Thorns, doesn’t seem to know himself and is still in the process of figuring things out with Grace’s help. The sub-characters all have fantastic traits and every character shows strengths and weaknesses.

I liked how there were different forms of magic and each mage had their own affinity. Fire, wind, music etc. I love to be a music mage although my husband would hate it.

This is book one in a two-book series and I can’t wait to get my hands on book two because this book has lived up to my expectations. I can’t wait to dive back into Grace’s and Bastien’s story!


Star Rating

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