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As an avid reader (why else would you have a book blogĀ Laura) I love to share my recommendations for good reads. I’ve already hit my Goodreads goal of 2019 which was to read one book a week and I think I surpassed that in May.

Best Book of 2019 so far:

I’m going to go with Fantasy of Frost by Kelly St Clare. I got this book on Kindle Unlimited.

Best Sequel:

I’ve read a few series this year but one stands out above the rest and that is Finale by Stephanie Garber. I was really looking forward to this from the minute I put down Legendary.

New release that I have not read yet but I want to:

Priory of the Orange tree. I really want to read it but at the moment I still feel a little bit intimidated by it.

Most Anticipated release for the remainder of 2019:

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black. I wasn’t too keen on The Cruel Prince but the Wicked King was better and now Holly Black has left it on a cliff hanger and I’m clinging on for dear life until I get the ending.

Biggest disappointment:

Doctor-patient confidentiality. There was a sex scene to start which wasn’t a bad scene. However, we got to chapter two there is something wrong with the main character and we never find out what’s wrong. There are 258 pages of this book which felt like one long chapter and to find out what happens in the next 11 books I’d need to purchase the books at Ā£2.99 each.

Biggest surprise:

A Kingdom of Exiles. I didn’t know what to expect but I’m now looking forward to the next book but the author still hasn’t given a release date as far as I’m aware.

Favourite new author:

I’m going to go with Jaymin Eve. I’ve read quite a few books of hers this year thanks to Kindle Unlimited.

Newest fictional crush:

I honestly don’t have one but we are only half way through the year.

Favourite fictional character:

This is a really difficult one and it’s at this point I’m now double-checking Goodreads for the books I’ve read this year.

After much deliberation, I’m going to say that my favourite character so far this year is Tatuma Olina. She reminded me of Aelin. She had been given a rough start in life but she didn’t let that stop her from becoming a kickass hero.

A book that made you cry:

I’ve yet to find a book or film that has made me cry. It may happen one day but there is a reason why my sisters call me an unemotional robot.

A book that made you happy:

Books, in general, make me happy but the first one that came to mind for this prompt was Finale. Although I wasn’t a big fan of the villain I was happy with the outcome for Scarlet and Tella.

Favourite book to film adaptation:

So far this year I don’t have one but also I really struggle to narrow this down anyway.

The most beautiful book received or bought:

One of my favourite books I purchased this year is Eve of Man by Tom and Giovanna Fletcher. I don’t have any other gold and black books so this sticks out like a sore thumb on my bookshelf. It’s really pretty too with the gold cover and the black sprayed edges.

What books do I need to get to by the end of 2019:

  • The Priory of the Orange Tree
  • Girls of Paper and Fire
  • Six of Crows
  • Crooked Kingdom
  • King of Scars
  • Castle in the Air
  • House of Many Ways
  • Queen of Nothing

These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head but theres probably a fair few more to go on this list.


As usual any one can feel free to do this tag. Let me know as I’d love to check out your responses.


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