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31 days of Laura – Day 6 – My bad habits

I like many others so have some bad habits. I’ll be honest I’ve never ever smoked and I do have a drink drink (A.K.A alcohol)  when the occasion calls for it. I wont sit at home nursing a bottle of wine every weekend (not that it’s a terrible thing).

My biggest bad habit is eating when I’m bored which is more often that not. People at work keep getting moaned at about the tuck shop but they know I have nothing to do with it as I basically bring my own tuck shop.

I also spend way too much time on my mobile phone. It’s like it is glued to my hand. Often my husband moans at me for being on it too much but both him and the kids go to bed super early and it’s my only companion as TV is rubbish.

I’ve a really terrible habit of not allowing myself to be empathetic or sympathetic to people. With some I really do try but I’m so out of practice it’s terrible.

It’s not like I don’t care about people but their problems are sometimes so insignificant that I just can’t bring myself to their position. Don’t spend 15 minutes on the phone waiting for me to answer to tell me your ice-cream didn’t come with a flake in it.

I really want to try and change somethings but it’s been really difficult to change the habit of a lifetime. When I told my mam that I was being sent for empathy training at work she said “well you do need it”

I also am not a morning person. It takes me ages to function properly. I’ll get up at 7am but don’t ask me anything important until about 10-11ish.

Do you have bad habits like mine?

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