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My Septoplasty Surgery *contains not so nice images*

Thursday 17th May 09:30

So today is the day. I’m having my septoplasty and having my turbinates reduced (still have no idea what they are or why I seem to have overly large ones).

I’m a little bit apprehensive and usually, I wouldn’t be but they’re messing with my face.

Thursday 17th March 11:29

I’m on the bus on the way to the hospital as I won’t be able to drive for the next couple of days and I’ve arranged for my parents to collect me later. Although it’s much closer to having the surgery I don’t feel as bad now because either way whether I like it or not its got to be done.

Thursday 17th May 12:04

I’m now sat in the hospital and I’m currently NBM (Nil by mouth) and I’m gagging for a drink and so hungry. I had two crumpets this morning but they’ve not seemed to have satisfied me for long. Maybe it’s because I know I’m not allowed to eat or drink anything my body is going into defiance. I’m just hoping that I’m not waiting too long. The less I have to wait the less time I have to stew on it and the quicker I can get something to eat.

Thursday 17th May 14:30

I’m going down now.

Thursday 17th May 18:12

I’m back on the ward now and I feel like I’ve gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. They had to give me some more pain meds once I woke up but currently, it’s not as bad as I thought (can’t wait until tomorrow then I’ll probably know what pain is).

As well as nose pain which is a given I currently have a headache and my jaw hurt but this will be down to the breathing tube which apparently was a struggle to remove. Now I’ve just got to wait to see when I can go home. I hope it’s not too late as I’m hungry and I want to see my kids.

Thursday 17th May 21:32

I’m not going to lie it’s starting to hurt now but it’s more like a toothache. Also, it’s so got in here and I don’t know whether the dampness under my bandage is blood or sweat. It’s a little disconcerting and it’s already been changed once today because I had an incident while in the bathroom and looked down while using the tap. Not good as my nose started gushing, I told the nurse this who said it’s not a nosebleed as there will be blood everywhere. So she went ahead and removed my bandage and low and behold I was having a nosebleed. I know you’re a nurse but I know my own body. I’m only struggling to decide at the moment because of the heat.

Friday 18th May 04:34

I’ve managed to get about two hours sleep tonight. Between the nurse’s doing observations and trying to breathe through my nose and waking myself up sleep is really hard to come by. I’ve been awake for a couple of hours already and don’t see sleep on the agenda soon. Doesn’t help that the damn birds are chirping right outside the window which is open as it’s stifling in here. Can’t wait to go home today.

Currently, pain wise it’s not too bad I’ve certainly had worse and I’ve not had any painkillers since about 20:00. I’ve got a headache but it’s difficult to drink anything even with a straw and my right eye feels tender but this could be the start of a beautiful black eye.

Friday 18th May 06:22

So I’ve given up on waiting for a headache to pass and have asked for some paracetamol. I’m currently just wondering if I have to actually ask for my bandages to be changed or whether they have to do it. So far I’ve had to ask each time and that’s because they were that full they were touching my upper lip.

Still struggling to drink so taking my tablets and eating should be fun and my nose has doubled in size overnight. I really hope it doesn’t get much bigger.

Friday 18th May 08:22

I managed to get about an hours sleep since my last post and I’ve had some Weetabix, however, I’m still struggling to drink water and it was difficult to eat because of the bandage but at least I’ve managed to eat something. I now want something a bit more than toast or Weetabix for my lunch but they’ve not confirmed my discharge time yet.

Friday 18th May 12:06

Still in the hospital with no voice as I have to wait for my medication to be given the ok. I was hoping I’d be out now or at least have some food (not that I can taste or smell anything, I’ve had half a pack of polo mints. I assume my breath smells good).

I keep thinking about food because I basically had to starve myself yesterday and other than the polos I’ve had two Weetabix. I’m a big girl I need more than this especially with the amount of blood coming from my nose. I feel lethargic surly food would be the answer?

It is lunchtime and I have ordered my food (fish Friday, who’d have guessed) and I want to test my lip out since this morning eating was a bit difficult but the bandage has been changed as is no longer in the same position so I can only assume it’s the swelling.

Friday 18th May 13:50

I’m home and have a sandwich. Not that I can taste it but hey it’s food. So for a week, I need to take antibiotics and need to shove 50ml of fluid up each nostril twice a day. This does not sound pleasant and I’m really not looking forward to it.

Saturday 19th May 05:33

I’m never normally awake at this time but I woke up so thirsty. I don’t know how people manage to sleep with their mouth open all the time, I was gagging for a drink. Didn’t stay awake too late last night. Could barely keep my eyes open after having about three hours in the hospital but I have my kids back and they were little angels last night. I’ve never known them go to bed so easily.

saturday 19th May 09:28

After all that moaning about the food I’m having to force myself to what this morning. I don’t want to eat as I can’t move my face without being in pain, however, I can’t take my tablets without food. I feel this is going to be a vicious cycle. I feel like the three wise monkeys today only it’s hear no evil, speak no evil, smell no evil. I can’t hear anything out of my right ear and it feels like it needs popping but it can’t.

Saturday 19th May 18:25

I have managed to eat some cocoa pops and it didn’t take anywhere near as long. My husband is constantly complaining to me that he feels congested and I’m sat here with dissolvable packs up my nose which get worse whenever I eat.

I’m looking a bit better now though although I’m a nasty mam for not being able to help my kids when they ask.

Sunday 20th May 08:31

Not going to lie. It really hurts this morning. This has got to be the worst part of it. I am actually considering eating a chocolate bar that I have on my bedside table just so that I can have my tablets before I get out of bed. Both the kids are up and the husband is flat out next to me since he was out last night watching the FA Cup final. I wanna cry and that is not like me but also I’m trying not to as I feel this would make the pain worse.

Monday 21st May 09:42

Yesterday I felt absolutely awful. I slept most of the day as I just couldn’t keep my eyes open and I felt sick. Today I’m not as bad, still not feeling it but definitely not as bad.

Thursday 24th May 09:16

So I’ve not updated this for a couple of ages as the pressure inside my head was too much. It didn’t hurt per se but it was so uncomfortable that I ended up trying to sleep with an ice pack on my face just to try and relieve it. I had my splints removed yesterday and I’m not going to lie it was really uncomfortable.😣 I don’t have a big nose in the slightest and was surprised when I found out I had plastic 2 inches long by 1/2 inch wide in each nostril. I would rather give birth again than go through that again. I’m being completely honest my kid was born in less time it took to take the splints out. The left splint was a little stuck. (Maybe I’m being a little unfair since he was born in 11 minutes). Anyways I can finally breathe now and it feels so good. No idea when my senses will come back as the nurse said they can take up to two weeks but it feels so good not to have the pressure on my face, it was like instant relief once the stupid splits were removed.

There is also a difference in my nose that I didn’t think I would see as the break never appeared noticed before

There is still a little swelling which is to be expected but it really does feel nice to be able to use it even if it’s not at full capacity.

If anyone is having this done and reading this in preparation then all I can say is is there’s nothing to worry about. Yes it can feel uncomfortable at times but you’re having surprised it’s bound to happen but it’ll be worth it.

Now to just wait another two weeks before I can go back to Pole.

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