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Need something to watch 📺

Is it just me or are TV shows getting rather boring. I’m sat in my bedroom watching reruns of a TV show I’ve already seen on Netflix because there doesn’t seem to be any new TV Shows that interest me anymore. Everything has either been done already and has a “new spin on it”, reruns or it’s on a season break. I also refuse to watch the fix factor. I haven’t watched the X factor for about 5 years because it was practically the same acts each year. I need something new and interesting to watch because I love reading but no one I spend my time with reads the same sort of books unless a movie is being made of it. Lately conversations at work have all revolved around tv shows I haven’t watched. It’s like I’m accidentally being unsociable but don’t try as I feel they’ll be uninteresting. Nothing lately has been holding my attention and I really want something to. I need to fill a GoT size hole. Does anyone else feel like this?

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