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New phone day

I’m really happy today because I finally get a new phone.

I am getting an iPhone 7 in jet black. I know it’s not the newest model but I begrudge paying £80 odd pounds a month when I can get an iPhone 7 for less than what I’m paying for the iPhone 6. Why do companies do this? I mean I know why they do this but I don’t understand why people fall for this to have the newest model of everything. It must cost these people a fortune.

Do some people not know how to haggle? I phoned up my phone company at 9:30 Saturday morning for them to tell me that my new contract would be £45.99 per month over 24 months. I don’t think so. You see me and my husband had been looking at different deals and to my surprise my husband found a great one (it’s usually me that finds them) exactly the same minutes, messages, and data. The only difference was this offer was being sent out to people who were with someone else and it was to tempt them to join the company I was with. Why do new people get better offers than loyal customers? It’s madness, surely they should be looking after the people who are already with them instead of shitting on them. It’s not just phone companies either. The same thing happens with gas and electric companies, and I don’t know what the equivalent of Sky TV is elsewhere in the world but these are one of the worst.

Ah well. I’m going to keep doing what i am doing and trying to save money in as many ways as I can. Now onto the car insurance.

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