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Of Glass and Glamour ~ Book Review

Book Title: Of Glass and Glamour (Daughters of Eville #2)
Author: Chandra Hahn
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publication date: October 30th 2019
Format: Kindle

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Why I chose this?

After reading Of Beast and Beauty I knew I had to read the rest.

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What it’s about

Of Glass and Glamour (Daughters of Eville Book 2)

Born under a hunter’s moon, abandoned as a child, I was raised to be a powerful sorceress—okay, a mediocre sorceress. All right, I’m good at glamour and can make things sparkle, if my spells don’t backfire. It was foretold long ago that I was a child of prophecy that would unite the fae and humans of Candor. The only problem, no one told me, and now the king wants me dead.

For I am Eden, one of the adoptive daughters of Lady Eville, and I have to attend the royal masquerade ball—not to win a prince, but to avenge my parents. Even if it means pretending to be a fairy godmother and wreaking a little havoc.



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First Impressions

The single glass slipper against the wall of what I can only assume is a well is a striking image. The reason why I am assuming it is a kind of wishing well is because of the reflection of the glass slipper. I also seem to have a thing for fonts at the moment. I want them all.

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What I Thought

We’re kinda picking up where we left off with Eden telling us that Rosalie is married to the prince and living in a little cottage. Eden isn’t too keen on the space that has been left by Rosalie now that she is no longer in the tower but things are about to turn around for Eden when the King and Queen of Candor announce that they’re holding a ball.

Eden is my sort of girl, she is smart, snarky, brutally honest and seems to have confidence issues. Not only with spells but she considers herself plain looking. She strikes me as a person who will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Although everyone seems to think there is a problem with the Eville sisters there is something bigger at play. Just goes to show that things aren’t always as they seem.

I liked the idea of the prophecy in this one and everything that was done was because of this prophecy.

The writing style is the same as the first book and I have a feeling each one of these books is going to introduce us to the next protagonist in away. I’m looking forward to book three.

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Star Rating

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